Hi, There are the news of december from Nemesis gaming:
two new Armies. Kingdom of God and The Thousand Faces Cult.

“They stand pain, war, suffering, godly wrath and they prevail… What is the secret of their toughness, of their status of survivors? Not even I, who was one of them thousands of years ago, can answer that question. But it is that way… they find the way thru diversity and they use all the weapons they have at hand: their intelligence, their constitution, and there where neither can´t reach, they build swords, bows, shields, machines. Men a plague on the planets, reinventing survival with each new threat.”

“Who knows…After the destruction of the continent these lands got filled by strange geofaciei, stones not bigger than a hand, twisted in the form of faces of people that suffer, cry, laugh and scream. They collect them, put them in groups, bring them together forming altars, and they adore them, sing and prey, and channel thru them the magic that destroy their bodies…. They, the Thousand Faces Cult.”

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