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    I remember seeing a model someone posted...of a man underwater(perhaps in a diving suit)..The model was painted, then put into a block of water effects. It made him seem as if he was standing under water...very very cool effect...anyone know which one im talking about? any pictures if so?

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    Was it this by any chance?


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    that\'s bloody brilliant!

    you got a votey link Alex?

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    Thats the one, Thanks alot...wasnt there a tutorial with that, alex?

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    Enjoy... :D

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    awwwww man thats the second time today ive wet myself! lol lol lol lol lol

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    In a sort of similar vein, there\'s TAB\'s wereshark diorama:

    There was also a large diorama at GenCon \'07 featuring the same idea but I\'ve not been able to track down any pics of it.

    The first mini I saw use water effects as a solid mass was Temperance\'s old Gelatinous Cube. Several other folks have done variations on this one.

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    Originally posted by Amazon warrior
    You gotta love a gelatinous cube! lol
    Until it runs you over! lol

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