(Afrikaans) Enige Suid-Afrikaners hierso?
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Thread: (Afrikaans) Enige Suid-Afrikaners hierso?

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    Default (Afrikaans) Enige Suid-Afrikaners hierso?

    Soos die titel se, enige iemand van Suid-Afrika hierso?:)

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    definitely nope from me, but its interesting to see the similarities to dutch (which i\'m slowly learning...)


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    I know a South African. Probably not the same though. :~(

    It\'s interesting to see written Afrikaans, I\'ve mostly only ever heard it before now.

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    There is a lot of similarities with dutch, it is possible for someone speaking Afrikaans to have a conversation with someone speaking Dutch.
    Writing wise, I dont know the codes in order to use all of the liguistic symbols used to change the pronounciation of certain letters in the words, so it does look different to what it would if I was using pen and paper.:)

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    wow ik breng dit topic weer even tot leven... even testen hoe een gesprek tussen een nederlander en een zuid afrikaan gaat ^^
    Hai springbok :P
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    Misschien werkt het beter bij een belg?

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