What\'s the deal with Chronoscope??
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Thread: What\'s the deal with Chronoscope??

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    Default What\'s the deal with Chronoscope??

    I like some of the fig\'s but thematically they seem VERY scattered and the sculpting quality is inconsistent..........I thought this was going to be a futuristic/sci-fi line. Nothing worth complaining about, just an observation.

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    yeah i noticed that. some great and some not so great stuff

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    I was initially excited about the prospect of them.

    But they\'ve really fallen flat, and other than a few ace ones, most are far below expectations.

    I still plan on getting the good ones, but it seems some of them are test bed for new sculptors. Not a bad thing, mind you, just disappointing in quality.

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    bobby jackson\'s marines are top notch...
    i got nick stone, and the guy with the gatling gun...
    they are nice, cheap, one-piece models, that are really makin\' me wanna paint...
    the rest, MEH...


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    Originally posted by jahminis

    i got nick stone,
    I got that same fig. There really are some sweet sculpts in there.

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    I don\'t believe the line is meant to be limited to sci-fi, I think it\'s a catch-all for everything that isn\'t classic fantasy RPG style stuff.

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