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    Default Necromunda Bounty Hunter

    hey CMON...

    here\'s another old mini from the vaults...
    this guy is my favorite of all the bounty hunter models...

    he was painted back in \'04 for a local paintin\' contest here in los angeles...
    i don\'t think he would do as well today, but he took first place back then...

    he was a lot of fun to paint, in the manga kinda style...

    please to enjoy:

    here\'s the link if ya care to vote:

    thanks for lookin\'...


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    you need to speed up these submissions!!

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    Thats good!

    I really like it.

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    Ahh Necromunda, used to play that a lot when i was 14/15, those were the days. Still have my gangs from back then as well.
    Really like this one, the choice of colours is great and it is very neatly painted, could use a bit more care and attention of some areas but that\'s just being picky.

    Great job!

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    Nice and clean !!

    I think the NMM could use more contrast though. And the choped off head looks a bit too \'alive\' for me, maybe with white eyes ? The rest looks great !

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