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    Hello there! I got a camera this christmas so I thought i show you people what im doing, its gonna be updated quite often (i hope!) with lots of stuff! temporarily at least, when i get my webpage i will probably go and have all the wips and logs and stuff there, i suppose i could hang about in this thread sometimes and show things!

    Hope you enjoy!

    I didnt order that much lol ! Merry christmas for me isnt it? :D

    Now with the project i\'m working on right now: A centurus clone (inspired by tony manero). I decided i wanted a pretty grim and gory look on the model, because it looks superbad ass! Tried some new things a sponge for the white on his shoulder to give a more textured and worn look, i think it came out quite cool. I dont really know if there should be any blood on this dude yet, perhaps time will tell! Also i used plasticard for the base and some steel wire for that insane lab feel :twisted:

    I also used buff for the skull, it came out kinda glossy and i think i have to redo some of that, including a disgusting line, also the details on the skull needs to be brought out.
    other then that its a freaking cool sculpt with a lot of areas to be conquered. I just love how detailed all the rackham models are!

    Peace, a new update tomorrow! And i will try make a tutorial about making dirty space marines too, that is going to be super fun!

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    well I can certainly understand your excitement, I\'d be quite thrilled with half that box :D

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    Now its time for some updates i thinks! I\'ve done the flesh and the most of the upperbody, i think it will be done tonight or something... the base is complete too, ill try get better pictures of that

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    Haha people dont seem overly enthusiastic about this thread as i am!

    Anyways I have done some more work on the Centurus and also starting on my vicar. That is a really nice sculpt if i may add! I decided to go with my usual way of painting with a white undercoat and preshading with shadow gray, I decided to go for a really dusty and desert scheme for him, i think it will suite him quite well =) Comments and critisism, always a good thing !

    I have a long way before the freehand is done but the cloth is completed i think, i wanted a sick greengray which i think work really well with this dark miniature!


    So there it is, comment away people! I will gladly appreciate your suggestions and such!

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    looks good. How far on are you with the yellow cloth?

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    Looking really good, you seem to have a painting style really suited for rackham minis :)
    Looking forward to seeing the rest !

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    Really like the first mini, the red shoulder pad is really nice. And the little additions really add to the gritty feel, like the oxidization etc.

    My main dislike but it is only personal preference i guess is the greengrey cloth. I like the idea i just think the green stands out too much, im not sure if its because the green is too strong or that it hasn\'t been blending as well as it could have been.

    Thats my only dislike though :P

    looking forward to seeing the rest of your stuff you throw out

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    Wow, thanks for all the comments! I have done some more on the vicar, it should have been said that this was only the first coat of snakebite leather and the first shading steps, I have started my blending process and the front is almost there just need some more tweaks and its done =)

    Cleezy: Thank you, my main concern was that the color is to simillar to the fleshy parts, i have to go over with some ghoul gray and dark blue gray washes to smoothen it out =) I have also started to work on some non metallic parts that i thought would look good with scraped off paint, ill take some pictures of that later tonight.

    OK some pictures of my vicar!

    and the base! Its gonna be primed right after this, im going to do some fleshgore and desert mix and see how it would look like hehe!

    Crayfish out!

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    yellow is starting to look real nice. The first guy looks very pale to me - but I think it\'s the photos.
    Any proper close ups coming?

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    Okay, some updates are coming right now, I have very little with the vicar before he is done, maybe tone down some highlights. Arms are coming just need to greenstuff some holes.


    His base

    Kain, used real metallics on this one, it does not show well in the picture, ill have to take a better picture of it later.

    Ejin de Vanth, i wanted to make a Noir mood on this model, i think it suits her quite well, i only used black and white plus red, also she has a head on her back which i painted brass nmm, didnt get a good picture of it but it will come

    Also for some reason the sceptre got really white so i added one picture where it is as it should be, I also see the mould line, have to get to that lol someday!

    Ohh, and here is a project that i wanted to do, a army standard character, its tigirius and he is painted with limited colors and poor light! He is still wip and i need to take care of a few stuff on him

    That is all for tonight, peace!

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