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    hey CMON...

    here\'s another mini from the collection...
    this time it\'s a kelt shaman from rackham...
    this guy is definitely one of my favorites among the kelt minis...

    he was painted back in \'03 for a contest here in los angeles...
    he took first in his category, but i doubt he would win anything these days...
    i had fun with the freehand tattoos, and definitely have some ideas for things to try again on another kelt...

    please to enjoy, Kyran the Hunter:

    here\'s the link, if ya care to vote:

    thanks for lookin\'...


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    i love the tattoos but the skin could do with a bit more blending, 7.5!

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    Nice job on the tattoos.
    The skin looks a bit pale to me, could use some more shading and different tones, especially for a guy who spends a lot of time outdoors :P

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