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    Default My first post in 3 years ...

    Well, after quite a hiatus, I\'ve picked up my brushes again. It was a great deal of fun to be painting again. I hope you all like AIKA ...

    She was such a cool kit and really inspired me to start painting again.

    There will be more in the next few weeks ... the company I work for ran out of money. Nothing quite like a pink slip as a Christmas present.

    So, I\'ve got a lot of time on my hands and will be thinking about taking some commissions to pass the time. If folks are interested, please PM me.


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    Very well painted and twisted in the best sickest way. Where is this mini from?

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    Nice work. The metal really stands out as gritty and creepy. Well done!

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    lovely piece as ever. good to see you back. does this mean we shall be seeing more of you?

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    thanks for the kind words all .... you will be seeing more of me ... I definitely have figmentia once again!

    This piece is from Japan ... here\'s the link to the site:

    I don\'t speak Japanese and had to contact a \"professional buyer\" to pick it up and ship it to me.

    thanks again for the nice words.

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    Originally posted by sivousplay
    thanks for the kind words all .... you will be seeing more of me ... I definitely have figmentia once again!
    awesome. always loved you work. it was a shame that you left just as i was getting started on the site. now get painting!!

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    Wow! Great piece. Made all the more impressive by the fact that it represents your first work in three years.

    The metallics look fantastic. Something about the face, particularly the eyes, is throwing me a little bit but I can\'t put my finger on exactly what it is. I voted 9, but it\'s an 8.5 for me.

    I\'m looking forward to seeing more!

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