A fast tutorial, glazing for TT miniatures!
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Thread: A fast tutorial, glazing for TT miniatures!

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    Default A fast tutorial, glazing for TT miniatures!

    Ok, this tutorial takes on the subject of glazepainting for tabletop miniatures, A fast way, 1h and 30 minutes thats including taking pictures too, i reckon it took me one hour to make this minature. I dont know if its a good way to paint or anything but it works for me.

    Firstly I use a process that I like to call pre-shading it gives shadows directly when you apply the basecolor. you might need to give the model a couple of coats of the same shade throughout the process. In the beginning after you have layed on the white primer (i use GWs white, its not a primer, I know, but it is good enough) Go over with some of your preferred shadow color, i used shadow gray, it works good for yellow browns and yellows.

    This picture shows the preshading, I will have to go over a couple of times with the same consistency of the gray, until I get it right!

    This paletteshot is of the gray and its consistency, i used some medium to get it more opaque and suitable for glazing, the medium i use is Vallejo matt medium, i have glaze medium, i dont really know the difference but matt medium seems good enough. I used roughly about one part water, one part medium and about 5 parts water perhaps more, 10 or so. As long as its pretty clear and not thick you should be good!

    Next step I did was adding the basecoat, i applied it evenly and some of the shadows became white because I didnt wait long enough for the medium to dry. Altough this can be easily adjusted, we need to do this anyway to make the shadows more clear. But we can see the shadows!

    Anyway, the color I used is GW\'s snakebite leather.

    In this next step i started highlightning with VMC buff, we can see the highlights coming along, without any contrast from other colors the highlights dont really pop but its coming.

    The next step I took was adding some contrast to the highlights I\'ve done this by adding green to the flesh areas. The color was Vallejos take on GW\'s goblin green, Its a traditional color for goblins hehe.

    This step was adding some minor colors to the miniature such as the boots and the undergarments. Black and redbrown was used. Then I glazed with some of my shadow color where most shadow would present. Chaos black and Andrea Dark leather.

    Here are the pictures

    So now its time to do the red and the stick. It\'s basecoated with Andrea dark leather really thin, this because its a really strong and dark color and at this stage I don\'t want to mess up the preshading

    Then i started to highlight the red cap with a mix of buff and Carmine red, I didnt want to go all the way up to buff because that would take away what i have done with the snakebite part.

    Also I did the metallics(boltgun metal washed with smoke and highlighted with chainmail) and highlighting the skin with bilious green. And the moon was painted with scar red. The stick was highlighted with 50/50 buff and dark leather. The rope was painted dark leather and feathered to buff. The bandage on the stick was painted buff and shaded with dark leather.

    The next step is to highlight the moon with the same paint we highlighted the cap with, carmine red and buff. I did the base at the same time it was just drybrushing nothing fancy here, Im terrible at basing so, and this tutorial is mostly about how to glaze highlights with out making any layers and mixing colors crazy.

    Now you could say its completed, but i wanted to make more shadows and so i did.

    It is not completly tight, i didnt do the face complex, perhaps you have to be more careful painting it, i was kind of reckless in the process, i wanted to create a TT miniature using only glazes and feathering highlights. The results is not a competition winner, but if you take more time it looks pretty good, i will do a more advanced tutorial about all this on the captain stern model, but i will paint him green and i will also talk about battle damage.

    Peace, I hope this brings some ideas into peoples heads, if not well, i did a crappy mini in an hour! And I took pictures of the process! Well now its time to update my project log a little.

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    Thanks for sharing that. Guys like me love to see models like that done to a high TT standard dine quickly and effectively.

    Thanks again!

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    not bad but i feel a little darklining with a wash would make this look a lot better and pop more without spending too much extra time on him

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