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    Default Dwarf colour scheme

    I cant come up with a proper colour scheme for my dwarven army so i thought maybe you could help me out.

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    This is mine....

    Copy it if you like. I find dwarf\'s look crappy with any bright colors like yellows and stuff. Just doesn\'t suite the models or the army feel by my reckoning.

    Paint one model in a scheme you\'re thinking of. Maybe paint a few of the shields in different schemes and see if anything sticks.

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    Here\'s mine :D

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    Do all dwarfs come in blue?

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    i fid green,red and blue are all good colors.ilike the green it makes them look like survivalists.

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    I would go for a deep red like scab red and some brownish neutral colour (Khaki or Desert yellow?).

    For inspiration you can look at the art of W.A.R. online: they got some great stuff there.

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    dark red and green

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    mine are much like kroms' except they are citadel vermin brown on the trim and left sleve and blood red on the right sleeve. realy like youre scheme squig hunter.

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    i really like squig hunter's theme. they look very cool. otherwise, i'd like to see a theme of a dark, saturated red combined with a diluted green, like catachan-ish. but don't make it too bright. it'd just look glary. wouldn't you think?

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    I wouldnt go for anything bright. It just doesnt suit dwarfs.
    Apart from that, any colour can be used in my opinion. If you are in doubt, try out a few things on the model itself. That works the best.

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    Reds and browns, just make sure you throw in the occasional green floppy hat:

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