Who is still doing top quality commissions?
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Thread: Who is still doing top quality commissions?

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    Default Who is still doing top quality commissions?

    I searched the net for top (competition) quality painting services but the ones I found did not update their sites for more than a year and did not answer emails.

    Who is still providing top quality painting (and might be conversion) services?

    I paint myself at ... lets call it beginner level (simple blends, brushing, highlighting, base building - therefore I do not look for the services providing military unit painting for \'an apple and an egg\' as we say in Germany). For my role playing environment I want to have an avatar minature representing the character I am planing to become for a few years painted (and may be converted) way better than I am able to do - a few hints where to look and whom to contact would be nice.

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    I\'ve just recently picked up the brushes again and am looking for some commission work. You can check out my gallery here or at my web-site. I don\'t have a ton of small scale stuff on my site as I\'m re-working it at the moment.

    Here\'s a link to some quick and dirty pictures of the figs from my previous gaming world ... sounds like you are interested in a role playing avatar.


    I\'m also happy to consider scenic bases / dioramas for display purposes .... you can check out the diorama section on my site to see some that I\'ve done.


    Please PM me if you are interested.

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    Well, as we say in Germany: Ich nehme Aufträge an...^_^...

    My Level is Always the highest possible... feel free to check out my gallery, if you like what you see, I can paint your Avatar... no Problem...

    Edit: Ah, the shipping cost will be small within germany, I am living in Berlin...

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    Im on the verge taking on commissions, just need to finish all the stuff im working on so i got a reasonable portfolio.. also gotta do my online portfolio lol

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    I take on commission work, especially for single figures...that is my preferred sort of work. :)

    I do have a small waiting list at the moment though, which means I cannot start any new jobs for about a month or so.

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    Default sculpts

    i do conversions i can make what you want to your spec\'s the paint you can do yourself.:)

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    Ive done a few, here is my website:


    My cmon gallery:


    Pm me if you are interested!


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    I am free for commissions at the moment.

    My gallery is HERE

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    i might as well throw my hat into the ring as well...

    i have some free time in my schedule these days...
    so i\'m lookin\' for some commissions at the moment...


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    I\'d be interested in accepting some commissions as well. I wouldn\'t put myself in the same category as Matt Cexwish and some of the other European guys, but I\'ve got a proven track record in Canadian Golden Demon competitions the last few years (6 trophies in single miniature/open categories).

    The shipping might be a bit more coming from North America, but I probably charge less than the top commission painters. I wouldn\'t dream of charging $300-400 per model, Jakob and Marike and others can but I can\'t do what they do (yet!).

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