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Thread: My Legolas, but for another

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    Default My Legolas, but for another

    Ok guys gona post a WIP of a legolas mini i\'m painting.

    The figure is for my girlfriends brother, as Legolas is his favourite character from lotr.

    Going for a typical colour scheme. Grey cloak, green jerkin and bluish grey undershirt.

    Still getting used to taking photo\'s so dont kill them :P

    Also any ideas how to do blonde hair??

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    Looks decent so far. From what I can see in the pics I would say bring up the highlights a bit more. Also try and get better lighting when taking pics. Really hard to see any detail in them. As far as the blond hair goes I would start out with a light brown and work it up to either an off white or a dull yellow depending on what you are trying to achieve. If you let me know what brand of paints you are using I can try and give you some color names.

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    the pictures are a little dark, it is hard to see the progress you made.

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    I echo the thing about the dark pics...

    For blond hair you might wanna check This thread

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    Yea the pics are pretty dark. It was last night and my lamps bulb has gone so waiting on a spare.

    I will take some new pics later on.

    I use GW paints.

    Cheers green one i will check the link out now.


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    blonde hair = Bronzed Flesh
    the old one, if you have any

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    For blond hair I usually go with sneakbit leather, highlgihted with bleached bone, with a touch of yellow in it.

    And try uping to aperture time on your camera to make the picture brighter (that and more light of course...).

    Keep going !!! :P

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    Yea i was thinking either snakebite up to bleached bone or vomit brown up to bleached bone. Want to avoid making it look comically yellow though.

    I will look through the settings on my camera properly later and try and get some better pics up. Did a little work on his gauntlets and straps before. Aiming for a leather look, anyway you\'ll hopefully see this later with the pics

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    bleached bone would take it to a platinum blonde
    this was done with bronzed flesh as a highlight

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    Cheers for that mick, might try a few styles of blonde on a few high elves before on the legolas. I have no deadline for this so its all good.

    Will post progress when i make some

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    Ok guys sorry for the delay in posting anything BUT he is now finished.

    Hopefully the photo\'s are a little better (not much :P)

    Now i got a little lazy with some of the details and rushed them abit. As i rushed the photo cos i didnt have loadsa time today.

    I will try and see if i can do anything that makes him look a little better.

    All C+C welcome :D

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    Looks pretty smart mate, some more shots would be great from different angles, and some more detail. But from this distance looks pretty spot on :>

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    Cheers mate i will try and get a few more pictures up of it, though i think i am giving it to the person i painted it for on tuesday, so if i get time i will.

    Though with this now finished i will be posting a new WIP up of a model i am painting for a local comp when he is primed

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