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    Anyone in or around Sarasota Florida who plays warhammer? My friend is moving there and is worried there will be no one to play warhammer with.

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    This may help out a bit

    I did a quick websearch for local games-workshop stores. And there are 2 within Sarasota Florida


    The Dark Side
    408 South Washington Blvd.
    Sarasota FL 34236


    Pop Comics
    Suite C
    4333 South Tamiami Trail
    Sarasota FL 34231 US

    Just shooting in the dark here but I am pretty sure at those Games-workshop retailers that they might be able to help your friend out finding some games

    Good luck to him. Hope the information helped

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    I am in Largo and I know there was a store there that was worth driving to. He should be fine
    It is beautiful here just a few storms to worry about sometimes :D

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