Alright guys, so here\'s the scoop. I\'ve had this army for almost a year now. My painting abilities have dramatically improved and i think its time to start painting them :P

This army is a big one.

Its chaos.. No new models.... YET!

But heres what i got so far, and i wanted to show you guys what im doing so i can get some feedback from you guys. :)

The army is comprised of (so far):
-Two beastmen regiments (20 guys per)
-Two marauder regiments (16 per)
-Two Warriors regiments (12 per)
-One marauder horsemen regiment (5 models)
-One centigor regiment (5)
-Three Minotaurs, including doom bull or whatever
-Three chaos trolls
-Three Dragon ogres
- One unit of Chosen warriors (24 models)
-One unit of chosed Knights of chaos (5)
-One exalted champion
-Two lords (one lord has a mountable version, and three mounts)

Beastmen unit1

Beastmen unit2

warriors unit1

warriors unit 2

chaos trolls

Dragon ogres

Dragon ogre shaggoth



Chosen warriors

Marauder horsemen


Chosen Knights.

Exalted champion

Lord numero one!

My main character, Draconis

Mountable version on horse!

On demonic steed (otherwise known has carnosaur with spikes:P)

Draconis on Dragon.

And the paint scheme. Once again this model was done more than a year ago. and my skills have increased substantially after joining CMON. (and other various reasons)

So yah guys thats it. any ideas or questions or.. what have you. Go nuts.

Thanks guys , Gary.

P.S i found out my camera skills suck:P and that this things blows up the pictures to a HUGE size. so sorry. will have better pics up later.