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    Default Beggings.. FINALY!

    Alright guys, so here\'s the scoop. I\'ve had this army for almost a year now. My painting abilities have dramatically improved and i think its time to start painting them :P

    This army is a big one.

    Its chaos.. No new models.... YET!

    But heres what i got so far, and i wanted to show you guys what im doing so i can get some feedback from you guys. :)

    The army is comprised of (so far):
    -Two beastmen regiments (20 guys per)
    -Two marauder regiments (16 per)
    -Two Warriors regiments (12 per)
    -One marauder horsemen regiment (5 models)
    -One centigor regiment (5)
    -Three Minotaurs, including doom bull or whatever
    -Three chaos trolls
    -Three Dragon ogres
    - One unit of Chosen warriors (24 models)
    -One unit of chosed Knights of chaos (5)
    -One exalted champion
    -Two lords (one lord has a mountable version, and three mounts)

    Beastmen unit1

    Beastmen unit2

    warriors unit1

    warriors unit 2

    chaos trolls

    Dragon ogres

    Dragon ogre shaggoth



    Chosen warriors

    Marauder horsemen


    Chosen Knights.

    Exalted champion

    Lord numero one!

    My main character, Draconis

    Mountable version on horse!

    On demonic steed (otherwise known has carnosaur with spikes:P)

    Draconis on Dragon.

    And the paint scheme. Once again this model was done more than a year ago. and my skills have increased substantially after joining CMON. (and other various reasons)

    So yah guys thats it. any ideas or questions or.. what have you. Go nuts.

    Thanks guys , Gary.

    P.S i found out my camera skills suck:P and that this things blows up the pictures to a HUGE size. so sorry. will have better pics up later.

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    you know photo bucket will allow you to resize you pics on the site?

    highlighting seems a little extreme, maybe a little subtler and a wash would help

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    what he said, 600 pixels wide is a good size

    and you need to increase the size of your Dragon Ogre regiment, I found 10 (yes 10) of them seems to do the trick. :D

    If you ever bother with Chaos Hounds, they are pointless in units less than 20, and 2 units is best :D

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    Blurry.... I feel dizzy now :drunk:

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    Looks like you have your work cut out for you !!!

    And ditto what the other said on the pics.

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    Yah im going to solve that. ill retake some pics so you can see the units better. It was 4 in the morning so i was tired.

    And by the way, as i mentioned earlier i painted that model over a year ago. Im much better at painting now. I just wanted to show you guys what the scheme was going to look like. :P

    But yah thanks for your advice so far. Once i finish up what i have on my table for a friend. im going to get cracka lackin on that stuff :)

    Thanks, Gary.

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    Ok i got some new pics up.. and ill do some more even later. I also remembered i had a giant and a dragon ogre shaggoth in the army.

    ANY tips on removing paint from plastic and metal models would be much appreciated as i would like to redo them since it was roughly a year and a half ago when i painted them:P

    Thanks guys.


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    break fluid has always worked nicely to remove paint from plastic models for me.

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    I like the paint scheme and the re mountable lord, looks cool!

    I would not be too worried about the extreme highlighting if these are for table top, sometimes you have to sacrifice umpteen blended layers for speed if the army is for gaming! (and a lot of members on this forum may want to remember that not every single thread is going to be about Golden Demon standard paint work, and some people on here actually *shock horror* GAME with miniatures intended for tabletop gaming!lol

    One thing I would do if I were you however is invest in the new warriors of chaos army book, as you can no longer have units such as beastmen, centigors and minitaurs in a chaos army.

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    Originally posted by frenchkid
    break fluid has always worked nicely to remove paint from plastic models for me.
    yeah, as ridiculous as it sounds, it works well

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    I hope i don\'t have to state this over and over again:P

    But the model that is painted was painted more than a year ago. I will be blending the models :P i expect this to take forever.

    I want the army to be very well painted so when i play with it people will be like :o

    I have the capabilities to paint them well. That model was painted before i even knew to thin paints:P now all i\'ve done is practice practice practice. So my abilities are much better. You shall see when i post some pics of painted minis

    Once again, Thanks guys.


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