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Thread: Raphael 8408?

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    Default Raphael 8408?

    I know there are thousands of brush threads. But none of them seem to mention Raphael 8408.

    Mentions have been 8404, Winsor and newton series 7, Miniature and standard.

    So my question is, does anyone use 8408?

    Im buying a couple brushes,

    Winsor and newton miniature - 000, and 2

    Raphael 8404 - 6/0

    Raphael 8408 - size 0

    I was wondering if anyone has used one so i can figure out if i actually want to buy one. If not ill just get a 8404 size 0.

    Thanks, Gary.

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    yeah I want to get a couple of 8404\'s too, found some on Great Arts website but their carriage charge is over £5, so I\'m still looking locally first

    Just curious, what on earth do you want a 6/0 for?

    my eyes aren\'t what they used to be but the smallest I go to is a 3/0, and that\'s not that often, why don\'t you get a 2/0, to complement the other 3

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    I find most of the big brands overpriced tbh.

    These are good:
    Rosemary & Co brushes...

    Their Kolinsky brushes are nice, but their cheapy red sable jobbies are great for the price.

    These are great too:
    Pro Arte

    Try their Renaissance Sable.

    W&N Cirrus Designers are decent and cheaper than S7s. Discontinued now, so available cheap in many places.

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    Thanks for the suggestions.

    mickc22: i want a 6/0 because i like using really tiny brushes. :P I find that the brushes i use now, a 0 and a 5/0 are very nice. My 5/0 i feel is a little to big for the small detail i like to do.

    Im going to try the brushes and see if i like them.

    Once again, does anyone know anything about the raphael series 8408?

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    Yes I use them
    sizes 0 and 1. They are last time I purchased... they were cheaper here than da Vinci spin travel in US at Dickblick art.
    I like the spring to them as well as the ability to hold point. I will continue to buy them for detail and regular use. I also look for sales on other brands to use and play with Reaper sable brushes come in tiny sizes and are good cheap workhorses for me also

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    What are the actual different characteristsics between the 8404 and the 8408? I picked up some 8404 and I love them, the WNs7 don\'t see a lot of action now.

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    Here is a link to look
    I find the size is the major contrast. Same feel to either

    I could not find a set of good WN though many t the forum love them. Dick Blick has very good service and return policies if there are any problems in my experience

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    I have had only one expereince with DickBlick. It was not encouraging and I won\'t return there. I ordered 4 paintbrushes and paid 17$ for express 3 day max shipping. From the time I finished my purchase to getting my brushes was over a month.

    The brushes themselves are GREAT! I absolutely love them. I couldn\'t imagine an improvement over the WNs7 but I would say that the 8404\'s work much better for my needs.

    I will check out the info on the 8408, thanks!

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    I have placed small (brushes) and large (airbrush, compressor, spray booth) orders with Dick Blick and have always gotten great service from them.

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    Well hopefully my experience with them is in the extremely small minority.

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    Im ordering from dickblick and am from canada. Are you from canada scottrandom? Cause if i order from there maybe i would get the same service? Then we could complain together lol

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    I am indeed from the battlin\' prairies of Canada. It took over a month to get my brushes and I paid for express shipping. The 4 brushes I got are excellent, I just can\'t reccomend using the supplier based on my personal experience. If possible I would root out a Canadian distributor as I also had to pay about 20 bucks duty.

    My paint brushes came to 49.00$ USD. Shipping was another 17$ USD, and then 20$ CDN duty. I really, really should\'ve tried harder to find a Canadian distributor I think.

    Even after what I wound up paying I am happy with the brushes. They are excellent (The 8404 are the ones I ordered).

    I will say that it appears my experience is more or less unique, and they\'re a lot of satisfied Dick Blick customers, even within our cold borders here in Canada.

    Also with the miracle of parcel tracking and the internet I know it wasn\'t a customs order holding up the shipment.

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    Scottrandom, I found a canadian online store that deals from ottawa. However the prices they are are quite bad.. And they don\'t have raphael, they only have winsor and newton. For a size 3, series 7, its like 28$ which sucks :(

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    I think you\'ll find the price is on par with online shopping. After shipping, exchange rate, duty, it works out to be about that.

    Size three is also huge. I picked mine up from the local art store for 29$ plus tax. Keep in mind these brushes, Raphael, Winsor & Newton are top, top class brushes. World class supplies are not gonna be cheap.

    I will iterate that these brushes, if taken care of, will last a good long while. I\'m fairly new to them but my buddy finally gave up on a WNs7 size 1 brush after 4 years. Compare thatr to buying new brushes every 3-6 months and I think you\'ll see a savings.

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    Yah i agree, the thing is on dickblic the prices are only like 10$ and it makes me want to buy them. but your right about the shipping and duties. and also i know nowhere else to get a raphael brush besides the italianstore which is in new jersey. so... im not sure:P

    ill figure something out. im not buying anything till february though. so lol. yah.

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    Originally posted by obsidianpainting
    I know there are thousands of brush threads. But none of them seem to mention Raphael 8408.
    There is this one:


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    Einion- I\'ve been using the brush soap after every session. What does this do to reduce the shelf life of the brush?

    Thanks for pointing to that thread.

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    Scott: there\'s a shop in West Edmonton Mall which sells the Series 7 brushes for like $13 or thereabouts. When we ran our Warhammer campaign last year, our club had a raffle for a set of brushes. I think Tom said it was around $50 for 4 of them, which is very reasonable.

    The name of the store is DeSerres. Let\'s hope this link works:
    http://xiv-mtl-igu-005.com/SITES/deserresca/index.asp?CATSORT=&C=9&DB=012_deserresca&M=1&L=E&c ategorie=T3119
    They seem to have 8404\'s as well, for about $22 each. Pricey, they\'d better be good :D

    I got my Series 7\'s from Dick Blick a year or two ago for like $6 each, and I saved about $275 on my airbrush and compressor. It sucked when I got a $100 fee in the mail for duties, taxes and handling fees from FedEx, but honestly it was worth it. I got a dozen brushes and an Iwata airbrusher/compressor for maybe $400 total, including all those fees. The airbrush and compressor alone are worth about $500 so I can\'t argue.

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    @ScottRadom, welcome!

    Hard to put a number on what too much washing will do in terms of brush life - depends on the soap, the brush and how much it\'s worked/lathered. But I\'d say from a few tests I\'ve done that it could half the life of a brush, easy. Way more than that in the worst cases.

    Conditioning should of course help counteract the ageing effect of too much washing, but a double-bath rinsing system will do a great deal to help prevent buildup that then needs to be washed out so I highly recommend it.


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    Default Raphael ...

    I picked one up (8404) in Chicago and used it until it unfortunately wore out on me. It was a good brush but didn\'t last long. And I take extremely good care of my brushes. I think it only lasted me a few months and then curled at the tip. I went back to my trusty series 7 W&N. I find these are better brushes and last over a year with good care. I did buy another #2 8404 Raphael while in Tokyo and am still yet to bust it out because my series 7 is still going strong. Also, I\'d highly recommend that you only buy brushes that you can test first. Even the W&N series 7 have some duds. Better to test \'em out in the shop before buying is the best way in my experience.

    *EDIT* Einion brings up a good point. I used to whip out the ol\' Masters Brush cleaner and clean my brush after each painting session (sometimes I\'d even put some hair conditioner on the bristles too). I found that you don\'t need to clean your brushes too much. Maybe it\'s the swirling of the brush tip in the soap stuff that wears away at your bristles? But yeah, I\'ve found that my brushes last longer when I don\'t constantly clean them. Also, get one of those spring-like brush holders that allows you to store your brushes vertically with the tip facing down. This is great as it allows any of the extremely watered down paint that may have found it\'s way up into the ferrule to run out after you\'ve rinsed your brush.

    *Double Edit* Geeze I\'m an idiot! I just realised you were wanting feedback on the 8408. Sorry, I\'ve never used one.

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