Fenryll elf available yet?
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Thread: Fenryll elf available yet?

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    Default Fenryll elf available yet?

    Hey guys \'n gals.
    I\'ve been going through Fenryll\'s catalogue and their site online and couldn\'t find this mini.


    Isn\'t this Fenryll\'s site?

    If so, looks like they haven\'t updated since Oct. The closest mini I came up with was this one: SYLVAN ELVES ( fen FA101 )

    But the one in the center looks like an older version of him. Is the top image an conversion? Doesn\'t seem like it from Gael\'s phrasing. Is he out in the US?

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    Well, it isn\'t a conversion, it is from their RPG Range

    But I don\'t know where you can get it in the US.

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    :)may I suggest looking over at http://www.dragglestown.com
    I see it as code Fen-RPG03-3 stage mage, they\'re out of stock right now but should be getting some more in around Jan 25th 2004.

    I have order from them several times, they are fast and I\'ve never had a problem with them.

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    Cool. Thanks guys. Guess it wasn\'t in the elves category after all.


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    mannn... those elves do look great.. are they 28mm or thereabouts in terms of height?

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    Yea, it\'s about the standard 28mm. It\'s also in resin, not pewter.

    Gael\'s got a refreshing style of his own with his sculpts. And I\'m so glad to see variety out there.

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    Thanks for the compliment :bouncy:
    This minis have a size of more or less 3,6-3,7mm from the top of the head to the feet (Fenryll Minis are a little bigger that the standart size )
    If you are interested I have also do last year ,3 others elves (and also Dark Elves)for Fenryll. Sorry the paint are not amazing ( it looks better in the reality lol)

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    Yes I agree with Gael:Fenryll\'s minis look far better in reality than on pics...What do you say? Supporting friends?:) Yes and proud of it:D

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    Default Fenryll\'s official site

    This is the one and only official Fenryll site:


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