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    Default CMON Shop Update: Dragon Blood Miniatures

    We just reveived a large restock plus new releases from Dragon Blood Miniatures. Onto the new releases first, more lizard goodness, surprise, surprise:

    Lava Lizard

    Troglodytes of the Sunless Forest - Pack of 3 and pack of 6

    and of course, all the popular items are back in stock:

    But that\'s not all, Dragon Blood Miniature will be sponsoring our up coming CMON miniature painting contest. Yes there is now a queue :) Anima Tactics is on going, Dark Sword is next, then it will be Dragon Blood.

    Following the success of our previous limited edition contest miniatures, Cool Mini Or Not is proud to partner with Dragon Blood Miniatures as our up coming contest miniature sponsor. Dragon Blood is well known for its lizardmen themed miniatures and although Sihoban Nightshade is not a lizard, it is a very high quality sculpt. This miniature is sculpted by Sandra Garrity. This miniature is only limited to 300 Worldwide, and the first 150 of them are available immediately and exclusively from our CMON shop. Sihoban Nightshade will be used as our CMON contest miniature for March 2009. Dragon Blood Miniatures will be offering prizes for the winners and selected participants.

    Note that we have this product on hand and ready to ship!
    If you are looking for something extremely limited and truly special as a gift for yourself or a fellow miniature painter, make sure you add this miniature to your collection while supplies last, as it will not be around very long.

    All available now at CMON Shop!

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    Is there going to be a picture of the green/cast of the new LE mini posted?

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    The green photo was not so good so there will be a shot of the primed figure in a day or so. Here is the green. It is slot tabbed, comes in 2 parts and includes with the plastic base. Height is 32mm to the eye.

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    Cool, thanks very much for the pic!

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    Anyone else get their Sihoban Nightshade yet? The weapon doesn\'t fit into the mini at all. I got 2 of them and I don\'t know how I\'m going to assemble them. :cussing: :(

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    Well, when you guys do get it, let me know if/how you managed to assemble it.

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    I have not assembled but can see what you say as an issue. Green-stuff will have to save the day :D

    Becca my daughter noticed a mean mold line down the left side of her face we will have to contend with as well.
    She is a cool looking mini but seems will give a challenge also

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    Sorry for the trouble with the figure. There were some of the first batch that had the left arm too close to the body. The way to fix it is just to use an exacto knife to cut between the arm and the body where if it touches (a very small spot if any), then bend the arm back out to the correct position. I used a piece of cloth as leverage to pull on the arm. There is no need to do any work on the polearm or anything complex and it is a 5-minute fix at most.

    Again, sorry for the trouble.

    Here is what the figure looks like after the fix.


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    You are the most responsive vendor I have ever dealt with and I so highly admire your customer service!

    This is not the first time you have been helpful with your product for me. You have even given me painting tips in the past.

    You have the best shop going Eric and this is a seriously cool model that is well worth the effort.
    Thanks again for such a rapid response.

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    Agreed, thank you very much, I managed to get the model all fixed up, and I cannot wait to paint it! :)

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