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    Originally posted by generulpoleaxe
    i do think the banning of the swass sticka within germany is justified as their are still those who rally to it\'s significance and would again cause said atrocities with a blink of the eye if they had the chance.
    I have at a couple of occasions looked at extreme right-wing discussions on the internet to see what sort of arguments they are using. One thing I\'ve found plenty of is arguments of the following kind:

    1. Certain things are banned, despite freedom of speech and all that (swastikas, revisionist theories, etc.), and some have faced criminal charges due to having these \"uncomfortable\" opinions.
    2. They (meaning western governments, society, probably controlled by secret zionist organisations...) are afraid of these opinions and don\'t want them to be heard.
    3. Why are they afraid?
    4. Probably because it\'s true.

    So, I don\'t think banning symbols, certain ideas or even ideologies will do much good. Those who are drawn to it will be drawn to it anyway, even if it\'s against the law, and the underdog situation, the feeling of being rebellious and subversive, can make things worse. I think it\'s better to meet these ideas with an open mind and present good arguments to why they\'re wrong. In most cases that shouldn\'t even prove very difficult.

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    Originally posted by Crackpot
    i do think the banning of the swass sticka within germany is justified as their are still those who rally to it\'s significance and would again cause said atrocities with a blink of the eye if they had the chance.
    Oh come on, that\'s not your real opinion... Do you think, only because some idiots would stick swastika flags in their garden, other people would go on a rampage??? That\'s bollocks! And if you WANT to get a swastika in germany, you get it through the blackmarket or the internet. And do you think in germany the swastika is censored in movies or films? Nooooope!

    The symbol of the swastika alone doesn\'t make you a nazi. ;)
    i never ment it to mean that someone who who owns a swasticka is a nazi, if thats how it came across i apologise.
    but some symbols do attract people who purosly intend to harm others (the romans also used tha swasticka but you don\'t see it on the historical sculpts)

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    This discussion also extends to the computer games world. The popular WWII flight sim game IL-2 Sturmovik. It has forums and the same concerns were brought up when a squadron made a texture that was accurate to some german fighters with a Swastika on the planes. They were stopped from doing this and I think even told off. I feel that it is fine that these types of symbols are used in their context as a reference to history.

    It may be against the law in Germany to display the Swastika. But you are allowed to if it\'s for film making/docmentaries. Tom Cruise film Valkyrie is an example of this.

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    I just want to remind people what the swastika means to alot of people in this world



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    just my two cents worth here:

    to my zuni ancestors, the swastika is a sun sign. and the american flag is a symbol of oppression to many peoples, just like the uk flag, or the dutch, or the portugese flag, or any of the colonial powers for that matter.

    \"those who don\'t learn from history are doomed to repeat it.\"

    we can\'t let our emotions get in the way of understanding history.

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    I\'m really sorry :(


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    That\'s about 7 flavors of awesome right there.

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    Ok as a history major, I feel the need to address some historical facts here. First, despite popular belief the atomic bomb was not what made the japs surrender. You must remember that more people died in the single night of firebombing of Tokyo then died in either atomic bomb blast. 100,000 civilians died on the night 10 march 1945, the air force general responsible quoted after the war, \'I suppose if we had lost the war I would have been charged with war crimes\'. Only 70,000 died at Nagasaki, so it wasn\'t the most devastating airial attack they had suffered, second that same week the soviet union declared war and marched into Manchku, this combined with the atmoic bomb is responsible.
    Remember Stalin was not a nice fellow either, between 1924-54 an estimated 20 000 000 in that time under his hands.
    When talking about history you must remember one thing above all others, no side is good, no side is bad, these things are both perception. All war is horrible, there is no such thing as a clean war, and anyone who has seen it will agree with me, it makes animals of men and in such circumstances no one can say that a piece of there humanity was not lost.

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    Originally posted by hubbabubba

    Funeral Wreath, Vietnam 2008
    I kinda feel that I have to point out that that swastika is the traditional Buddhist symbol, not the swastika the Nazi party used. The Nazi party used a swastika that was tilted, while this one is not. So in a way they are two different symbols with two different meanings. Sorry if I\'m being anal about that.

    I\'m not trying to argue your point, in fact I completely agree with it. My father always told me that \"If hide something from people, then it becomes mysterious and powerful. If you expose people to something, then it loses that mystery and power, and people aren\'t afraid of it anymore.\". Ultimately: people are mostly afraid of and hate things they don\'t understand.

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    \"The destruction of the Indians of the Americas was, far and away, the most massive act of genocide in the history of the world.\" David E. Stannard, American Holocaust: the Conquest of the New World

    Total estimated count: 20 million...and counting.

    As a half Blackfoot Indian, the Nazis don\'t hold a torch to our early government.


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    i\'m surprised nobody was sued over this yet... seems to be the new trend.

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