The Best minis you haven\'t bought?
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Thread: The Best minis you haven\'t bought?

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    Default The Best minis you haven\'t bought?

    So, what are the minis that you drool over, but just haven\'t pulled the trigger yet?

    I\'m talking mini lines...not individual minis....

    In no particular order:

    Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

    Pulp City

    The Consortium Line

    What say you people?

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    Love the first two, a bit meh about the third....

    for me it\'s helldorado. I picked up a bit but I bet most who\'ve drooled over haven\'t picked them up. They\'re bitchin!

    Also I bought some tales of war spartans, nice! I\'d linky but I got my daughter in my lap and this is tough as is!

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    Default HI ALL

    Shodow fogre Errica and forge world ho like get some excalber haselfree and some others lots others TMP has list of them all thanks WKJR

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    Enigma\'s Massive Darkness

    Andrea\'s 54mm Warlord saga

    the new Tale of war\'s pirate line (fun cartoon look)

    oh, and KKBB is rather nice :drool:

    EDIT: Oh, I just read it is something that I haven\'t bought. The only mini in the above list I don\'t own is those from KKBB. :redface:

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    the canadian line of minis that do the big arse resin jobbers.
    you know, the one with the chick and her bloke running the show (it\'s 4 in the morning, give me a break lol )

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    Originally posted by generulpoleaxe
    the canadian line of minis that do the big arse resin jobbers.
    you know, the one with the chick and her bloke running the show (it\'s 4 in the morning, give me a break lol )
    ULTRAFORGE! Great people to deal with.

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    It\'s Ultraforge for me. I\'m dying to pick up their dragon and few of the demons, but with the current economic climate, I simply cannot justify spending more on figs.

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    Ultraforge, Gamezone, anything by Shawn (not a fan of Ginfritter), almost everything listed here actually. I wish I was rich. I\'d probably make a bunch of small mini companies year.

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    Most hasslefree stuff,


    finally some infininy/ corvus bellini

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    JJ Models
    Fantasy Series

    Criora Qvæsitor Sahjagis
    Ysiil - The Seer
    Neberly (I have)
    NUBILOTH - Admiral
    Nifty little story that goes with them

    I have the first set and need the rest for Becca of the- George R.R. Martin Masterworks

    Pegaso Miniatures has a few I love

    And this would be neat :D

    Frazetta\'s Barbarian

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    more metal rackham minis.



    artizan WW2 german minis


    privater press


    yeh quite a few.

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    Where to start............

    Haven\'t got any Gamezone (YET!) but there are a couple I\'m Itching after
    Some Rackham metals I wish I\'d bought.
    Meow Models Demonic paint pots.........(Oh Cedric :) )

    Still more:-
    Avatars of War
    Heresy.............................Can anyone say Dragon :o
    ..................Et Infinitum

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    Default More minis to dream about.

    For me it\'d have to be Scibor minis. Okay just being sarcastic. They\'re minis I\'d never buy!

    But, really I\'d have to get more Hell Dorado minis \'cause they rock! And Hasslefree too. c8b64a9d81d You can\'t beat a good Hasslefree mini! I\'m loving the Kraken Edition minis too. They look sweet. Must add some of their line of minis to my collection in the future. Finally the minis that I want but haven\'t yet bought are any of the Orks by Werner Klocke including a heap of the Elvish chick manga style minis he sculpts. Pure gems!

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    Default Gamezone!

    Okay I went out and bought a bunch of Gamezone mini\'s a while back and have been slowly assembling them. I just had to say it. They\'re far and beyon the WORST fitting mini\'s in the history of the world. I\'m talking 2mm gaps across a horse neck- barding join. Awful. Some of their models (Ball and chain goblins) have zero percent probability of staying in one piece after assembling and required extensive measures to try and keep them together. Awful.

    Now, I will say the detail and the sculpts are AMAZING but unless you\'re a green stuff wizard the filling and fitting solutions just look that much worse!

    Beautiful models but a pain in the ass to assemble x 20. Do not bother with them unless you feel comfortable with greenstuff and are prepared to spend a LOT of extra prep time. I\'m not a GS pro, and I am dissapointed with the final look of my models and am no happy with the fit at all. Course, it won\'t keep me from buying more \'cause I\'m stupid like that. Sigh.

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    I think that the detail in the gamezone minis are excellent. I want the black orc hero with the big hook sword.

    Helldorado definately. Alkemy minis, especially the ones that one can only get at conventions that I never go to...

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    Default hmmmm

    Kraken Editions
    Older Ral Partha limited editions (D&D Based -- ie. Dracolich, Great Red Dragon, etc)
    Some reaper
    Some GW (Belakor, Carnosaur, new Stegadon, Slann)



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    That\'s too bad about Gamezone, as their stuff looks fantastic!

    Ultraforge (Treeman and Demons!)

    I\'m sure there\'s more...there\'s ALWAYS more.

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    Until this evening it was Joe Tomaszewski\'s (brokenblade) GDUK \'08 Open category winning Marneus Calgar.

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    Definitely some Rackham stuff.

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