is there a purple space marine chapter?
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Thread: is there a purple space marine chapter?

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    Default is there a purple space marine chapter?

    i know that there is a emperors children one that turned to chaos but i am lookign for the name of a regular space marine army.

    any fluff on that? thanks.


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    Yes there is. My brothers marines are painted as Hawk_Lords.
    Hopefully that helps.

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    Yeah Hawk Lords are a dark purple colour with gold trim. As far as I remember they\'re an offshoot of the Ravenguard that tend to use lots of Thunderhawk gunships. Good thing there is meant to be a plastic set coming out in the future.

    Otherwise you could always make your own up - Purple Helmet Warriors... :rolleyes:

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    Here\'s a link to the chapter gallery on the GW site. =400028&aId=9600100

    Insignium Astartes also has a chapter in there called Imperial Stars. It\'s a slightly lighter purple and the chest eagle is yellow. Other than that only the chapter symbol is different. It\'s three white stars set out in an equalateral triangle with black lines joing them up, or to put it another way, a triangle done using a black line and the stars at each point of the triangle.

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    cool...thanks guys....this should be fun when my entry is turned in for iron painter.

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    SM stop using purple as a colour after they were attacked by these guys.

    The \"Purple People Eaters\" so make sure they are readily armed.....these guys are buggers.

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    there are also the good old soul drinkers which u could do pre-mutation, although there colour on the book covers varies from purple to blue depending on the pic sometimes.

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    Default purple marines

    soul drinkers chapter, though they are labelled imperialis traitorus deep down they\'re good

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    Originally posted by cassar
    soul drinkers chapter, though they are labelled imperialis traitorus deep down they\'re good
    Questionable. Even the \"good\" elements show extensive mutation, a willingness to cooperate with xenos and forces of Chaos, and oppose the Imperium. The chapter itself has elements that wish to destroy the Astronomicon, an extension of the Emperor. Further, the chapter seems wholly convinced that the Imperium has been mislead and is no longer fit to support. They have fought loyalist Imperial Fists and Howling Griffons, even slaying a senior member and seizing his weaponry. This is heresy of the highest order. I doubt any loyalist element would hesitate to purge such traitors unless facing a far more immediate threat.

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    they just misinformed and misunderstood, let me guess inquisitor\'s r your thing dude, keep the

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    Pre-Heresy Emperor\'s Children. Same colors as Hawk Lords, interestingly....

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