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    The family is doing a large miniature cleanout. The list of goodies can be found here:

    Ebay Listings

    I will be adding more daily until we are done sorting out the closets. Highlights so far are:

    Ilyad stuff
    Games Workshop stuff (Will be adding lots more unblistered stuff this week)
    2007 ReaperCon Sophie
    2008 ReaperCon Sophie
    2008 Reaper Open House Mini
    Freebooter LTD Angel, Santa, Captains Daughter
    Ral Partha Checkmate Dragon
    Clan War stuff (unblistered stuff being added this week)
    Rackham stuff
    Some Hasslefree
    Darksword box sets with the gold plated mini
    Lots of other random manufacturers


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    I placed bids on a couple of your Planescape minis - you wouldn\'t happen to have any more of those floating around, would you?

    I might go for your Animals of Africa set too...

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    I am still sifting through my stash and have some more Ral Partha stuff to go through ... I believe I have some of the Planescape boxed sets ... what Planescape stuff are you interested in?


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    I\'m putting up stuff as I come across it (Its pretty much a cleanup sale of three different collections) I know I have more AD&D and I know for sure I have a Planescape Tefnut, rest I won\'t know till I finish routing through things.


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    Thanks, Valloa!

    @sivousplay - I pm\'d you.

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