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    as you may have guessed, painting does not have me in the right swing at the moment. i seem to be getting less interested n painting, but i still want to paint if you cathc my drift. Its just that im having a go a glazing, and ive got it fixed in my head that ill never get anywhere unless i master it along with hundreds of other techniques.

    however, its jut getting to the point where i belive that its a joke. i spend over 12 layers on it, it get blotcy paint and tide marks, i paint over, the same result.as you may have guessed from the tone f my post, im getting pretty fed up with it, so i asking for two peices of advice. 1: what am i doing wrong? hwy the blotches and tide lines?
    2: how do you keep your patience over all the hours it takes to do the layers?

    thanks, max

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    I don\'t keep my patience. I can\'t spend three hours in a session layering on highlights onto a single small section of a model.

    Try to focus on the parts of a model you enjoy, and collect a few models that have that \"theme\" predominant in them. I hate metalics, and I am no good at them. To boost my confidence I picked up about 6 models with next to no metal and lots of flesh, which I think I am not too bad at. Them once my karmic allignment is better in tune, back to try and get metalics a go around.

    Patience is for grown ups anyway. Just have fun, and if that means knocking out a dozen tabletop models in a session, do it. So long as each model is a baby step in the direction you want the models to go, then hooray!

    I wish I could answer your questions more positively, but if you want your models to look like Automaton\'s work, it a long way to the top (If you wanna rock n\' roll) so just hang in there. If you\'re not having fun, take a break and go play fallout 3.

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    i stay with it by taking breaks having a day or even a week of wont hurt anyone or if you doin gcse then a year break :D or if you are mike and some of the other regulars on here a few years is a long enough break :D

    o and i believe listening to music while painting makes it more enjoyable i find fast tempo music the best !!!1

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    I\'m no expert myself but this sounds like you\'re overloading your brush. The amount of paint of your brush should be so little so that when to paint touches the surface it should nearly dry instantly. This will also help with tide marks. This means that you should be able to do 30+ layers in under 15 minutes. Another useful tip is, say you were highlighting dark angel green with snot green, you should pull your brush towards the place where you want to be lightest so as leave the more Snot Green there.

    Hope this helps,
    And btw: I know how you feel when you say you want to leave the hobby. It feels horrible when you spend 10+ hours on a mini and get a result you don\'t like. Sometimes I just think that if I\'d spent that much time drawing I would get a much better result. So I go off and do that, and afterwards I feel much more up to the task of painting a mini. :)

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    Originally posted by hestan101
    2: how do you keep your patience over all the hours it takes to do the layers?
    It can help the more you do it, like a lot of things that develop with experience.

    But that\'s not to say that you won\'t still have days when you hate painting\'s guts :D


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    I think you need to be self-aware and ask yourself, \"why do I paint?\" Do I paint for the joy of painting? Do I paint to have others tell me, wow that\'s cool?

    After you answer that question, then you can decide why you want to learn any technique ... is it because you want to improve the joy you receive from painting (by having more tools in your toolbox and therefore likely doing a better job) or is it because you feel like everyone else is doing it so I should too.

    If your answers are the latter, then the frustration will certainly overwhelm you and push you away ... if on the other hand painting is a joy and learning more about it increases that joy, then you\'ll keep at it.

    Do what you like, not what you think others think you should be doing.


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    1: Sounds like either your glazes are not thin enough or they contain too much pigment

    2: I dont, thats why it takes me 2 months do complete most of my projects lol

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    If it\'s doing your head in, go paint something else quickly in a stupid colour scheme, for amusement and just to get the frustration out of your system. Ha, you know all about my pink marines right?
    You\'re not going to fix the tide lines now by painting over them, so call it a lesson learned and leave it, or strip it, move on to something else.
    It\'s not the end of the world, and if you found out how NOT to do it, you learned something positive.
    If you can make it Sundays to the painting group, come down and have a chat to some of us and we\'ll see if we can help you out. I may even bring my laptop and let you see some painting dvds, maybe.

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