Hello to all!

At march will be released, always casted in highest resin quality and always in very limited and exclusive edition of only 250 exemplares, another mini of fatal personality!
The angel / devil of Gael Goumon !
Will come with several parts in order to costumize her as YOU prefer...!

Another mini is almost ready, always of this impressive artist... but you may wait a little the more!
Go on the website in order to know the more:


Coolminiornot has the exclusive for this mini line, it will be the only shop online, apart order or preorders directly to me...


I want also to thank you all for your interest... Fatal Personality is a growing project, very important artists will be involved and i hope that every little mini will become a little jewel for all collectors and artits who believed in the project:
due to the very limited exclusive edition, the involving of great artists,the quality of sculptures and the highest quality casting!

THANKS TO ALL, both minis are almost finished!