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    Default My first submission!

    Well it\'s taken me a few years but I went and submitted a pic.

    Votey link

    Was supposed to be my Iron painter entry but I went and fluffed up the submission and didn\'t validate the picture right. :(

    Really the first mini I\'ve painted for a good few years and the first attempt at NMM on a non rackham mini. i.e. without a guide.

    I\'ve wanted to paint this mini since I got my very first painting guide back in the 80\'s. Remember the red one they gave away free in GW\'s?

    Anyway it\'s a mini you don\'t see too much nowadays.

    C&C very, very welcome

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    Awesome. I so miss the old Genestealer Cult army. You did a great job on him as well. I love the pattern/liver spots on his head. Only thing I\'m not impressed by is the basing, besides being rather monochromatic and dull, it\'s way too large for this guy (at least without extra bits on the base).

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    i agree about the base size, although i like the fact that it doesn\'t distract from the mini (a bit more colour maybe?). still like him though. cant wait to see more form you

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    He did have a scenic base but I was having issues lighting it for photos as I got snowed in here and couldn\'t get to my lighting stuff at work. He\'s only just tacked lightly to it as I was expecting to change it later on anyway.

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    I\'ve said it before and I\'ll say it again.......


    Got to love it.

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    Great painting! And c00l mini!

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    I love these old minis, good paint job Baz. Sucks they wouldn\'t let yours in, you were only 5 minutes late ><

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    man oh man its been a while! ya did a great job on it too, but i agree with the base comment.

    figure: well done!

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    Love the face and the nmm is very nice too! Great job with the dirt on the bottom of the robe.


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    Like everyone else has said, thisi s a really nice job. The HMM and overall cleanliness of the piece really make it look great.

    The only thing I would offer a suggestion on is to add some freehand, or something to the robe to create a bit more interest in those large smooth spaces. This may just be an issue of photography as most models are photographed from a slight downward angle rather than straight ahead as you have.

    Once again, really nice job for a first submission. I\'d love to see more.

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