My DKOK Krieg commissar finished
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Thread: My DKOK Krieg commissar finished

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    Default My DKOK Krieg commissar finished

    So, I\'ve finally finished my Commissar and entered it into a local painting competition.
    it got a very close second (they had to call in a sixth judge, just to pick a winner) in the advanced (experts) category, so I figured I\'d post it here in the hopes of getting as many pointers on how to improve and maybe even win a demon if I ever get to Games Day (I wish....:( )

    so, here the commissar:

    What do you think I can improve, or what do you think of the model. anything , as long as you mean it.

    oh, and the base is not entirely done in these pictures, I repainted the black, there\'s no chipped paint anymore, apart from what I painted on.

    oh, and here\'s a votey link as well :D


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    Very nice! My only gripe is that the Bolt pistol looks a little ungainly in his hand. Love the water effect though.

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