Lathiem, Horthak, And Beelphegor!
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Thread: Lathiem, Horthak, And Beelphegor!

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    Default Lathiem, Horthak, And Beelphegor!

    All of these are roughly 30 mm. I wanted to try something else besides GW. These models look fantastic!

    I had a little trouble with them in the beginning! but all that is behind us now. The lathiem came and the cast was kinda bad.. a crap load of flash.. and the right foot and left leg kinda fell off... oh well! i put em back on and it looks great! must have just been a bad day... THEN! Horthak was like, i have really thin swords and i said \"ok.\" and then one fell off... then the knife fell off.... so i put the knife back on with no problem.. but the sword was like.... nope.. so i just left it off and modeled the rest of it to look a though it was a normal sword.. so yah..

    This is lathiems base. The colour scheme is Greenish blues, blueish purples, and oranges (spilt complementary colours)

    theres lathiem! Just a light spray of primer.

    Horthak base

    Horthak. Colour scheme is: Blues, Green blues, Reds, And Red Oranges.

    Beelphegor base. Not done.. want to put snow on it. The origional idea was to have some wood and it be winter and he\'s setting up a camp and decides to take a pose!

    Beelphegor. His colour scheme is going to be like, Purple and yellow.. Im going to try my hand at NMM here and paint his entire armour gold. Yah .... and the trim will be silver.. as will his blade. Cape is purple. Skin will be pale-ish...

    Any questions comments and anything is welcomed. I have to buy a new brush before i start painting these. so that will be tomorrow sometime.

    Cheers, Gary.

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    the minis are really cool looking i enjoy the last one especially. looking forward to see how these come along

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    Alright, well i still had my metallics brush so i decided to do the metallics. :) i didn\'t do beelphegor as i\'m doing him all NMM. I did bronze mostly on these two. Exclusively on Lathiem, but on Horthak i did the blades, 3 tassel things, and under his one shoulder pad in a steel colour.

    Alrighty, there we go. Tommorow expect full basecoats on the models.. Maybe a bit more:P

    Input is great! do some! :D

    Cheers, Gary.

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    What company makes the Horthak mini? I like that one.

    Quick suggestion. Paint the larger sufaces first. If you start out with the small details and save the larger areas for later you my get some paint on the small details and have to redo them. Also, I like the way that the Horthak shield is turning out. Great job on all of them.

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    I like painting metallics first.. im pretty clean so doing small details first doesn\'t bother me. And sorry i haven\'t put any any pics.. my basement flooded and thats where i paint.. so im waiting for that do dry. I\'ve got almost ALL of the basecoats done. Horthak needs to be done, beelphegors cape needs to be basecoated(waiting till i get my new paints) lathiems hair.

    Horthak is from Andrea Miniatures.

    And thanks about the shield! I thought it turned out awesome. then again im looking at it in real life! lol

    Anyways, thanks, Gary. Will have pics up soon.

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    ill second about th shield. its lookin nice! maybe a glaze of yellow to bring the hie out a little more? either way i think it looks sweet. what are the other colors you plan to work with?

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    Well i actually have like all the basecoats done for lathiem and beelphegor.. and am about to start horthak.

    Essentially the colour scheme was already stated.. but ill try and post the pics soon, so you can see what colours i am using where.

    So ill get on that lol

    Cheers. Gary.

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    Alright, all of the basecoats.

    Lathiems sword thing, is going to end up being a purpley colour, the basecoat is a dark blue purple.

    Most of the colours used will end up being more RICH in colour as i do highlights and shades. these are just basecoats and will change dramatically with shading and highlighting.

    Don\'t worry if there are a few white spots, or some colours got on each other, as when i start shading and highlighting that will go away.

    Cheers, Gary. :D

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    I really like these figs, and I like being able to guesstimate what direction you are going to take them based on the base coats.

    Looking forward to seeing how these come out with shading and hilighting. As someone who usually starts dark and layers to light seeing that you basecoat a mid tone and then shade / hilight to create depth, it encourages me to break out of my habits and try something new.

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    Im going to soley work on one figure at a time now... Any suggestions on which one i should focus on?

    Thanks, Gary.

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    yeah i like all the figs but i think that horthak is the most dynamic sculpt. lookin forward to the results

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    Go with Horthak. I like the basecoat colors. He should turn out real nice.

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    Hey guys! I did some more work finally, got some newer brushes, And went to town!

    Here is some work of horthak, I haven\'t really been able to post these last few... weeksies. BUT! He\'s essentially done. I wanted to know what you guys thought before i completely finished him. I put him on his base just so you guys can see what im talking about!

    Sorry bout the closeups. They look a little dazed almost. Its just my camera, I don\'t know how to fix it:)

    Anyways, Comments and questions are always nice. I would like to hear what you guys have to say and anyways i can improve would also be very nice!

    Thanks guys, Gary.

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    I was like: \"o my god!! why did you do that!!\" on your second update, but its good now:) You got me there for a sec thinking they were finished

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    Yah, they definitely are not done yet! i think horthak is pretty close though. Any suggestions to make him better?

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    The red looks kinda flat to me. Maybe you could spice it up a bit?

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