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    Guys, I\'m thinking about buying the tarascus, can anybody tell me if the tail is a separate part, like the head? And also, since it\'s resin, will I still be able to undercoat it with a srpaypaint or will it in somehow damage the resin? just wondering. Thanks!

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    The tail is separate. body, four legs, head, upper head-eye piece, sword-spike for the upper head piece. It is a great piece. Detailed pretty good. Very big. I\'d suggest a light spray of automobile primer.

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    The tail will need a tiny bit of gap filling where it attaches (a strap covers the join on the underside, but putty will need to fill the gap in the armor on the top).

    But make sure to paint it in pieces! I painted mine in pieces and I couldn\'t imagine painting that thing fully assembled. lol


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    Definitely paint in pieces. I have my lower head-jaw and tail attached (and pinned) to the body. Have to putty the armour like mattsterbenz said. Other than that it went together well. I didn\'t care for the length of the sword-spike, so I trimmed mine down.

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    I am thinking of painting it too. It is worth transforming in some kind of transporting unit.
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    Hi guys, I actually have one, new in the box, if someone is in the market for it. PM me if you're interested. If not it will sit on my shelf for that mythical day when I win the lottery and have enough time for it.


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    i have one sat on the shelf for that very same mythical day...
    i so wish i had a 100 hours of free painting time...
    such an awesome mini, it makes my fingers twitch just thinking about it...

    anyone with even half a thought about getting their hands on Zach's Tarascus, don't think twice...
    one of the coolest chunks of resin ever...


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    Just don't tell my wife someone is trying to get their hands on my Tarascus. She might not understand.

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    You beat me to that one, Zach...

    There was a painter named 'ghostpainter' who had a nice SBS tutorial.
    My link to his website fails. I would be interested in re-connecting to it,
    if he has a new home.

    I have one too, BTW. It is a great piece...and yes, the snout blade is a bit much......

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