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    Default worlds biggest butthead

    i cant even begin to say how offended this guy made me. i am from the midwest, i have a degree, two actually and am working on my doctorate at that, with an IQ of 148 and believe it or not i actually get along famously with rednecks in my podunk little town. which by the way does offend me when i here someone call my town that.

    if you are wondering what i am talking about just watch this asshole talk.

    stephen fowler from wifeswap ladies and gentleman.

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    Hes the most hated man in America right now..

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    I saw the topic when I was browsing Yahoo.

    I won\'t give him the time of day.

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    Yeah, he\'s an ass. Wife\'s a bit of a bitch, as well.

    I could get into where I\'m from exactly and how high my I.Q. is, but I won\'t bother comparing myself to such a low life.

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    Please don\'t extradite him back to Britain.

    Peace and love...

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    Originally posted by matty1001
    Please don\'t extradite him back to Britain.

    Peace and love...

    You wouldn\'t like him as a roommate?

    C\'mon, be a sport!

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    I remember my rebellion in teenage life, and learned from my mistakes, this prick will get the same from his kids, see how long they hang around.

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    I figured this thread was going to be about A-Rod.....

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    I for one think that the biggest show of idiocy and lack of intelligence is being close minded and he is a great example of that. He\'s a fool and one of the dumbest people alive.

    In my opinion it takes a great deal of intelligence to be able to be open minded about anything and everything. I am really at a loss of words about him.

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    Default Heartless, souless blindman!

    Je$us! I can\'t believe I just watched all 9 mins of that. That poor woman who had to live with him. Over opinionated? He\'s the guy with all the opinions. The lady staying with him obviously has a good heart. And was genuinely looking to bring the kids and their father closer together. All he could do was critisise her. Was he for real? She may be a little over weight. Who cares. But he\'s one butt-ugly dood. Geeze. He\'s got me stooping to such childish levels. But it has to be said. I hope he loses his job, gets harmed in a serious accident and his family leaves him. This may be just the thing to re-awaken his spirituality which he obviously has none of at this stage in his pathetic life. What a tool!

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    What an ass. If they both hate this country so much (and even though he SAID he loves the country how can he if he says what he says about 90% of us) then why the hell do they live here. I feel so sorry for those kids. In about 5 years they are going to rebel big time. I predict at least one of them (probably the boy) won\'t go to college and one of them will try to end their life. Both will be in trouble with the law. And the parents, who spend no time with them and don\'t know who they are, will claim that they are good kids and they have no idea why they ended up the way they did. It\'s the attitude that if you don\'t make millions you aren\'t worth anything that really has me steamed. I would pit my son\'s charecter against theirs any day and my son would win hands down. Grrrrrrr:flame::cussing::mad:

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    If that guy ever spoke to me like that, there would be two hits, me hitting him and him hitting the floor..

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    Originally posted by alextheartist
    If that guy ever spoke to me like that, there would be two hits, me hitting him and him hitting the floor..

    if he spoke to my wife that way, he\'d be in hospital

    They ought to put him in one of those programs where he has to live on minimum wage for a month, in a mid-west town, the arse!

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    For all their education and posh manners, they don\'t strike me as particularly smart people. For starters, they seem lacking in social skills, which is one of the more fundamental types of intelligence, in my eyes. Had they had any sort of social understanding they wouldn\'t go around telling everyone how much better they think they are than (almost) everyone else. lol

    Also, the lack of interest they seem to have in the lives of those who they deem themselves superior to, strikes me as pretty dumb. A smart person would want to get to know and understand people from other social and geographical areas in order to understand the world as a whole, and not just the tiny corner of it they happen to inhabit.

    I am truly glad that I didn\'t have to grow up in a home like that. It doens\'t seem much fun to be a kid in that house... :no:

    Of course, this material is edited and selected to make good TV, but some things are hard to disregard. They do say the things they say, after all.

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    Default A bit harsh.

    I just re-read the post I made earlier and think I was a tad harsh. I hadn\'t finished my #1 cup of coffee when making that post. That must explain it.

    Whenever I see guys behaving like that I always say: It\'s obvious that he\'s read that book How to win friends and Influence People.


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    To be honest, i agree with your first post.. :D


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    well if there is any justice hopefully the credit crunch will get him, then we\'d see how much of a \"better person\" he really is
    He needs an Eddie Murphy \"Trading Places\" kinda thing

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    What he needs is a good bitchslap..

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    Oh god, why did he have to be English!?!
    On behalf of GB i\'d like to apologise, i\'m guessing the same number of people wanted to tear his head off over here and that\'s why he decided to blight the US

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