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Thread: Trying out eBay for the first time

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    Default Trying out eBay for the first time

    I\'m doing eBay for the first time. I just wanted to see what the experience was like, and maybe I\'ll try listing some other stuff if this goes smoothly. Have a look, it\'s some plaguebearers based for Fantasy....

    And here\'s an eBay link if you\'re interested.... tem=270344780090

    I\'m really intrigued to see how this works. I\'ll keep posting to share my experience, in case there are some others thinking about trying it out for the first time as well. I know I\'m not even going to make back what I bought them for, if they do sell but I was just itching to see how the process works.

    Wish me luck!

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    A couple of things could help the end result of the auction. One would be to use the big photo you have here in the form on the auction. The figures are nicely painted but the small photo does not show them well. Another thing would be to change the background to something lighter so the figures stand out more, plus work on the color levels to drop thegreen down. This will make the red stand out more. If there are no bids, you can change the photos and anything else up until the last day.

    These are nice figures and just need better presentation andyou should have no trouble making back your investment on the metal.

    Also, you really need to put the shipping charge in the auction somewhere. People will ignore auctions with no listed shipping since there is no way to know how much you will charge.

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    Thanks man! I\'ve used the same photo that I have from here, could they be shrunk for eBay automatically? I\'ll try and fix the light levels, and maybe re-photo them against a different background (Blue, or maybe white-ish?) appreciate the advice!


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    I think you should put PROFESSIONAL painter in your ebay thread. That seems to be a neat trick, all the kids are trying it.

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    Originally posted by supervike
    I think you should put PROFESSIONAL painter in your ebay thread. That seems to be a neat trick, all the kids are trying it.
    Oh I hope that\'s a Joke!

    I tried to update the pic following Dblood\'s advice and it shrinks my picture down automatically. I was going to go and take a pic against a brighter background to help with the red balance but it\'s valentines day and the wife is ACTUALLY standing over my shoulder right now.:cussing:

    Wish me luck, and please give me any other tips! And LMK if the Proffesional thing was a joke or not!

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    Def. a joke Scott....I think most people roll their eyes at the \'professional painter\' moniker....

    Best of luck.

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    How come you are only selling 5? You did not want to go for a whole unit?

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    If you haven\'t done so already, I\'d recommend featuring the auction here through CMON. I find it to be a great help.

    I think the picture is fine as far as the background goes and yes Ebay does re-size the pics automatically. If you want to post bigger pictures you can just include the image code in the item description area.

    And yes, do add to the title either \"Pro Painted!!!!\" or \"Master Painted!!!\"...kidding of course. :p

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    AlienGod: I thought I\'d just try five to start. It\'s what a box of new ones come in so I thought it was a good idea. I didn\'t want to put up twenty and have them go for a buck for my first time! Should I just dive in and sell a big amount?

    Diablofollower: I featured it here, just waiting for approval on the image. And I will put the image code into my auction, thanks for that!

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    Well it is not a big deal that you are selling 5. Personally I would sell an entire unit because that way the minis will look similar in color scheme as opposed to if they were added to a unit that someone already owns they might not blend in very well. I do not think anyone really pays that much attention but for coherency reasons I say unit.

    I really like how they turned out. Your painting style works well for chaos type minis. Good job!

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    I agree with Alien on this one. Not saying that the five won\'t sell, they may do very well. Just putting myself in a gamers shoes I\'d most likely be looking for a full unit.

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    Okay guys. thanks! Next one will be a big unit.

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    I think that if you were to paint a 1500 point army to this standard they would sell very well. I do not know how your finances are but just picturing an entire army painted like these 5 would be quite a horric, and well painted, sight :)

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    And again I agree with Alien that it would look great although I don\'t think that selling entire armies is worth it, especially in this economy. Painting an entire army takes up a lot of time/work. With the way the economy is it\'s hard to say whether anyone would be willing to pay for it. Even if they are then you\'d have to hope that someone is interested in the specific army that your selling. My advice, stick to single minis and squads/regiments for eBay and commission armies.

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    Wll I\'ve got about 2-3k worth painted like this and I was thinking of selling them off (Just so I can start again, of course!) Should I maybe add a note with the listings that there\'s more for sale, or what?

    Also how do you guy\'s wrangle up commisions?

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    I actually pick up commissions from selling on ebay. I let people know that I am available for commissions and provide them with access to other minis I have painted, via coolmini, as well as an email address where they can let me know what they are looking for.

    When I sold my Khorne lord I received some commission work because some people liked the mini. Also do not be afraid to let people who view your work know that you are happy to paint for them. Kind of ironic because I am being commissioned to paint someones entire chaos nurgle horde.

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    I pick up commissions the same way. Just sell on eBay and people will contact you. You can also go as far as putting up a website with your work on it and putting up a page with commission info.

    Try selling the whole army and if that doesn\'t sell then auction it off unit by unit.

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    My suggestion would be to build up your feedback rating before selling. A lot of buyers, myself included won\'t buy off a seller without at least 10 and sometimes 50 or more feedback.

    I suggest shopping on ebay and winning 10 or so auctions to at least get some basic positive feedback before selling anymore.

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    Thanks for the great advice guys! I told my wife that Gilvan Blight demanded I buy stuff from eBay. I don\'t think she likes you much now amigo.

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    Ya a website is a good idea. I am planning on building one if I ever stop being so lazy.

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