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    Default BLARG!

    I seem to have come to a stop of some sorts.

    My painting skills have seem to vanished! I\'m either just really exhausted of painting or am not in the mood(same thing really)

    I don\'t know whats happening but soo many things seem to be going wrong.. my brushes hook, hairs get on my minis!!!!(when i don\'t want them to) i was retouching a model the other day and i thought the glue was dry but NOOO!!!! the 15 dollar brush i bought got super glue on the tip and i tried to get it off.. but it was essentially dead!

    And when i go to paint im just so frustrated that nothing good comes out.. i\'ve re-basecoated my Horthak model(the skin part) roughly 5 times now! and i may jsut have to throw him into a dip because its getting too thick! gah! :evil:

    Maybe i just need to take some time off painting and just come back in a few days with new eyes or something. i also need to buy a new brush.. :P

    oh well. :(

    well.. ill get through this! :)

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    Well, sort of same thing is happening with me. I mean I just can\'t get anything I\'m happy with and when I do it\'s only on a tiny piece of the mini, so for now I\'ll be working on my chaos army and playing around with by brand shiny new graphic tablet on my mac. In a bit I\'ll just need to start on my entry for GDUK but until then I thing I\'ll just paint for fun and not try to do my very best at every tiny f*lping gem!!!! :flame::flame::flame:

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    who hasnt felt like that? ive been feeling it since i got of the gd coach back in september (No joke):evil:

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    Take a break when you need too, but hang in there!

    I have been painting on and off for most of my life (I\'d hate to admit) and have been through this many times, including relatively recently.

    I think you have a great start to the minis in your WIP and was/am looking forward to seeing more of the paint job. One thing i learned quite recently is not to go too overboard on color relationships, On my eldar I initially tried to highlight the purple with a mix of light blue.. It turned out horribly and I had to reoaint the whole thing! so i went back to the basics of what I knew and the purple ended up making me quite satisfied by just adding white in succsesive amounts. I got ahead of myself trying to re-invent my style and went back to what I knew. and I learned from both he bad result, and the good result equally! thats the best part. Anyway, I enjoyed your input on my threads and was hoping to repay you in kind. besides, the metallics already look good.



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    Not quite sure why you would be painting when you are not in the mood. That is a sure fire way to produce crappy minis. GO TAKE A BREAK!

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    Well i mean, i was in the mood to paint.. it usually relaxes me, and the other day i had a frustrating day so i went to paint. and then frustrating things happened! and it just threw me off for a bit. I need to get a better brush.. i just haven\'t had time to get one. With opening my store, and online store i haven\'t had much GOOD time to myself. and i seem to get frustrated more :P lol

    Anyways, thanks backstabbeth. And yes ill get into it in a bit.. i may change the basecoat for the skin. I don\'t like the whole idea of orange... i don\'t liek the colour orange so i don\'t really want to use it (not really using orange but tints of it..) so ill figure out some other thing to compliment the blue red and yellow.

    Thanks guys. Gary.

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    If I am in a rut, and get get into the painting mood I usually assemble and prime stuff. Worst case scenario, some stuff is ready to paint when you want it. Best case scenario, you find something while doing that stuff that really inspires you to get back into the painting swing.

    edit- waht\'s the store you\'re opening?

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    Scott that\'s a good idea. :)

    When I can\'t get motivated, I start a new project (or work on painting a different army commission). That tends to get the creative juices flowing. I\'ll also browse the painted figures here for inspiration.

    I will also sometimes work on my other hobbies. Specifically guitar. Great way to relax and get the stress out. That\'s the reason why you are having trouble focusing, you need to relax a bit first! :D

    Whatever works best for you :)


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    Its called obsidian painting. We essentially will be selling all kinds of things. a hobby arts and craft supply store. We\'ll be selling alot of different miniatures companies.

    Games workshop, Rackham, Privateer press, Avatars of War, Tale of war, Enigma. a few more i think... vallejo...Reaper

    and then Winsor and newton, and a bnch of other art companies.. so yah.

    If anyone is interested our online store will be up in a few weeks. :) (all prices are in canadian, and are roughly 30% off msrp)

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    I actually teach guitar right now.. but don\'t have the drive to play for fun that much anymore.. I was actually going to go to university for music.. but kinda got out of that.. and decided to open this business.

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    Originally posted by Aliengod3
    Not quite sure why you would be painting when you are not in the mood. That is a sure fire way to produce crappy minis. GO TAKE A BREAK!
    I do that for years at a time :D

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    Originally posted by obsidianpainting
    well.. ill get through this! :)
    Yep! You\'ll get through this and come out even stronger.

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    Thanks guys! I\'m not going to lie, but all of these kind words makes me want to paint! :P however my brushes are still broken... SO i have to wait till i get new ones.

    Oh well lol..

    Cheers, and thanks again, Gary.

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    well thankfuly, i think im fiannly coming out of my blarg, and am looking forward 2 new horizons

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