I seem to have come to a stop of some sorts.

My painting skills have seem to vanished! I\'m either just really exhausted of painting or am not in the mood(same thing really)

I don\'t know whats happening but soo many things seem to be going wrong.. my brushes hook, hairs get on my minis!!!!(when i don\'t want them to) i was retouching a model the other day and i thought the glue was dry but NOOO!!!! the 15 dollar brush i bought got super glue on the tip and i tried to get it off.. but it was essentially dead!

And when i go to paint im just so frustrated that nothing good comes out.. i\'ve re-basecoated my Horthak model(the skin part) roughly 5 times now! and i may jsut have to throw him into a dip because its getting too thick! gah! :evil:

Maybe i just need to take some time off painting and just come back in a few days with new eyes or something. i also need to buy a new brush.. :P

oh well. :(

well.. ill get through this! :)