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    Default Tau Piranha

    I have two of these guys in my army so far I kind of like them, I wanted them to to not be clean with straight lines. I see them as being speeding up the flanks of the game and shooting up targets of opportunity then getting out of there ASAP and getting into the cover again.

    Please feel free to comment

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    all im going to say is that your defiantly improving :beer:

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    Hey man, not seen you around for a while. A big improvement on some of your older stuff!


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    seen and voted on a good deal of your stuff, and i have to say you must have spent a lot of time learning, as this is a class up from your old minis. glad to see you on the forums, with the forums come a boost in painting skills and a disinclination to use them:P

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    Thanks guys for all the support. I feel I am getting a little bit better, I keep plugging away.:)

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    Not bad at all. Here is a tip about using transfers - once they are dry paint over them with matt varnish. This will completely hide the edges of the transfer and make it look like it has been painted on.

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    Default Tau Stealth suit

    still plugging away here please feel free to comment

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    nice job on this piece here. you are starting to try out blending i see and you seem to be doing a fairly decent job at it. keep it up ... :D

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    Default tau stealth suits

    I have just completed these for my army please feel free to comment

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    Good solid colors.

    Looks like a great unit.

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    i like your color scheme alot
    keep it up

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    Default farsight

    i have just completed this guy please feel free to comment

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