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    As I have a bigger project in mind, I woul like to know if anybody could give me an advice how to mold some of my self sculpted minis.

    As english is not my native tongue, I hope that \"molding2 is the right term for making a form and repoducing the minis.

    So, has anybody an idea - or better a tutorial for this ????

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    I\'m not sure but you might need to cut your minis into smaller pieces so as to be able to mold it :)

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    Well, I must have overlooked that article - shame on me ^^

    I know I will have to cut them to pieces, but it will save me much work- So I think i will do it this way :bouncy:

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    have a look at the Tap Plastics videos, they\'re on youtube as well

    smooth-on is worth a visit too

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    I have recently dabbled into recasting some GW bits that I would like to use. It is a hard process to start with but you have to try out different things to see what works for you.

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