Vallejo model color or Vallejo game color?
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Thread: Vallejo model color or Vallejo game color?

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    Default Vallejo model color or Vallejo game color?

    Hi all!

    I am interested in trying out the Vallejo paints, just to try something new instead of regular old GW colors. But should I go with Vallejo model color or game color? Is there any difference?

    I\'ve noticed that there are a ton of different model colors and not to many game colors. Why is it that? And as the model color range is very wide with a lot of different types of colors, like basecoat, glazes and acryllic metallics. What is the difference between all these?

    cleen X

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    Vallejo game colour is saturated with colour, similar to the GW paints. The model colour is more desaturated(colour wise) giving flat neutral tones(however they have some bright ones)

    The game paints are few in colour as vallejo was contracted to make gw\'s range of paints, but then gw decided to go with another company.. so vallejo had all these paints and nothing to use them for, so they created their own brand of Game paints.

    The game paints are more durable, and the model colour paints will rub off alot easier.

    hope that helps. Gary.

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    I recommend the Model Colors because of the variety, like you said. I had purchased all 300+ colors that Vallejo made in the range and I could not believe how many great colors they had. With the amount of colors they provide there really is no point in mixing your own paints because they did it for you. By the way I returned all the paints because I was having some really bad cognitive dissonance (buyers remorse).

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    You can use some air colour too, both black and white from this range are probably the best I\'ve founded.
    Red is great also.
    Blue is transparent and by this way not very usefull.

    I haven\'t tried the others yet.

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    I\'ll echo Raftanga\'s comments the Airbrush colours are superb.
    The metallics are the finest particles I have ever found and dry the smoothest of all metallics paints.

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    I think you should try both types. I am very fond of the Model Colors myself, and don\'t really like the Game Color range. Some will agree with me, while others will tell you the opposite.

    I don\'t find the slightly lesser durability of the Model Colors a problem at all. I rarely touch the models after I painted them, and if you are going to use the miniatures for gaming you need to varnish them regardless of what paint you use. I have a feeling this \"problem\" is being exaggerated by people who have read about it, but never tried the paints themselves. Yes, it\'s something you should know about if you\'re interested in using the paints, but it\'s not a big deal and really easy to handle.

    I use paints from 5-6 different ranges, and I definitely think it\'s a good idea to try everything for yourself and see what you like and what you don\'t like.

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    Thanks for all the answers guys :D

    Would you recomend buying them at the CMON shop? Or another website for that matter? Nor really sure if they sell Vallejo paints way up here North in Norway :(

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    Wouldn\'t you be able to order them from somewhere closer? I\'m sure there are places in Norway that sells them, even though you might not find a place where you live.

    But, if there are any more traditional hobby stores where you live there\'s a good chance they might stock at least the Model Colors.

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    in Norway

    Industriveien 29
    2020 Skedsmokorset
    00 47 64 00 99 04
    00 47 64 00 99 01
    I\'m assuming one is a fax and the other the phone,
    there website is:

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    The bus I take to school actually goes by there so I\'m go right by that store every day lol Thanks man :D

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    Btw, I was wondering what you think of using VMC Transparent yellow as a wash over GW Fiery Orange with a drybrush of white over it? Looking for a quick way to do yellow eldar warriors you see :)

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