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    So... after much procrastination, I\'ve decided to get on with that dragon-hoard diorama I\'ve had sitting around since, well, this time last year!
    But I\'m completely stumped as to what colour I should paint the beasties, so I thought I\'d ask you lot!
    Please tell me what colours you think they should be, and I\'ll do my best to paint it!
    Provisos: Please don\'t suggest purple, green, red, blue, black or white. Why? Because I\'ve just emerged from a purple/green phase and I\'d like to do something different, I seem to do a lot of Red vs. Blue and I have plans to paint another pair of dragons black and white. Anything else is fair game! :)

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    to give you more time to think about it, may i suggest using the heresy dragon for the top dude instead?

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    Oh man! I\'d forgotten about him! :wow::wow::drool::drool:

    I wonder if he\'d fit....... :innocent:

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    Originally posted by freakinacage
    Yes....yes....I will.....:twisted:

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    i can\'t wait till he\'s finished

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    What about gold vs red?

    Or gold vs. blue?

    You didn\'t really leave many colour choices:P

    Yellow vs. orange? :P

    i don\'t know...


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    i think you should rip those two dragons off throw them away and use that as a base for that big dragon :drunk:

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    actuall yi quite like the one thats cowering, it looks like he would be reacting better to the bigger dude though

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    amber vs. black!

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    Some type of gem dragon would be pretty sweet, though I can\'t think of a stone in a colour you haven\'t mentioned as not wanting though.

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    You could always skip the \'colors\" and try to paint them as something else. Maybe one that is orange with black stripes, a tiger-ish, and then another one that\'s almost a lion, gold with a dark brown \"mane\".

    Another suggestion would be that since their bodies look nearly snake-like maybe paint them both up like a couple of boas, or maybe diamondbacks.

    Don\'t let D&D limit your imagination! Break free! Paint one like a school bus and the other like a Greyhound!

    Yes, by all means, ignore that last suggestion. :drunk:

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    Originally posted by Gilvan Blight
    Some type of gem dragon would be pretty sweet, though I can\'t think of a stone in a colour you haven\'t mentioned as not wanting though.
    thats what i was kinda going for. amber~topaz.

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    Thanks for the suggestions so far! I\'m liking the amber/gem suggestion. :) Greyhound tho? You mean like brindled or summat? ??? Anywho, it\'s made me realise that I\'ve made things rather difficult with the \"banned\" colours so I\'m prepared to loosen up on them a bit. Just so long as it\'s not the paired combinations!

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    Originally posted by Amazon warrior
    Greyhound tho? You mean like brindled or summat?
    Er. No.

    Greyhound like the bus.

    Get it? School bus vs Greyhound bus?

    Like I said, ignore that one.

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    I really really love this dio! I think the dragons that are already there look good because they are reacting to one another. If I were to change anything about them it would be to break up the line of the two bodies and turn the cowering/guarding one slightly on his axis, while keeping the head pointed at the other.

    As for colour suggestions... maybe an elemental theme? Fire vs. Ice would be the most obvious, but how about a challenge... Earth vs. Void.

    It isn\'t often I see something on here that I get genuinely excited about seeing finished, but this has my imagination!

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