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    Default FW ogre rhinox

    hello all
    I was reading the FW experimental rules for the ogre rhinox.
    I was able to figure out what the rhinox count for ,example special unit or rare ????

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    On the ogrestronghold site I believe they have to rules for rhinox posted there.

    The forgworld rules dont work you need the ones form WD 310.

    they are rare for purpose of ogre armies and 2 rare for anyother army.

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    Theres a face we\'ve not seen in a while!

    How are you?

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    for battle they count as rare. i have used them in games and they totaly rock, and it s not even for the combat it s for the look on ur opponents face when u place a unit of 3 on the table with full comand lol i only use these for big eic battles as the cost too much for a reg 2500 battle and there are planty of other choices out there that are cheaper.
    But they ar soo cool to play with.

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    o so happy i now can use my models in a reg competition battle run by Gw. i m o so going to bring on the pain.

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