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Thread: Troll vs Slayer WIP Log.

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    Default Troll vs Slayer WIP Log.

    So I managed to snag this kit off of eBay at quite a bargain and figured I\'d get right to work at it. This is the limited edition 2004 GW Christmas mini \"Troll vs Troll Dwarf Slayer.\" Comes with a certificate of authenticity signed by it\'s sculptor Mark Bedford, number 1268 out of 3000. I am not sure whether GW considers this a 40mm or 54mm sized kit but I think it\'s closer to 54mm.

    Anyhow, I\'ll have some painted updates later tonight but for the time being here are some shots of the prepped figures.

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    Ooooh! great model selection anyway. Can\'t wait to see this pan out.

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    Yeah that dwarf has an exceptionally dynamic pose. Im book marking this thread, looks like itll turn out pretty well

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    I still think it would look better on my desk lol. Just kidding but I will be keeping my eye on this one for sho.

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    Well, unfortunately no updates tonight. I am having a couple of problems with the troll and would like some insight. First off all my major thing is I can\'t decide on a color for the troll. I was thinking a blueish/gray for the scales since it looks most like a stone troll. After getting the base coat down I realized that it wasn\'t looking especially exciting. (Base coat is GW Shadow Gray.)SO any help on choosing a color scheme for this guy would be great.

    Second issue I am having is that since it\'s such a large, heavy model there is no comfortable way of holding it without the fear of messing up the painted areas. Yes I thought about painted it in pieces but the gaps that needed filling were bad to the point that I would have to repaint a lot of the model if I decided to paint before assembling. I guess my second issue is more of a rant than anything else since there isn\'t much anyone can do, but I would appreciate your ideas on what colors to use.

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    i like the concept, definitely going to keep an eye out on this log

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    I can\'t remember the amount of detail on the troll with this set and my own is at home not here at work with me but I had planned to paint mine up as a rock troll after all both Dwarves and Trolls are found in mountains :D

    Bit simular to this one:

    Edit: Sorted for you Marytn, You\'d linked the voting url not the image ID

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    That one looks great. Thx for the pic, gives me a pretty good idea of what colors to use.

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    I had similar holding problem with the Stormvermin bust,
    I picked up some large corks from a wine making shop, about 75mm/3\" across, works a treat. And a relatively cheap solution

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    So this morning I headed over to a craft store, and although I did not find any large bottle corks I was able to find a solution to my problem of how to hold the mini. I picked up two round plinths, drilled two holes in the troll\'s base, and literally nailed the model to the plinth. Of course I will take the nails out and fill the holes with GS when I am done painting it. The other plinth is for the Dwarf in case anyone out there is wondering. :)

    And yes this was the only thing I could think of to make it easier to hold the model while painting. He is just too top heavy to simply glue to the plinths. BluTac didn\'t work either, nor did rubber bands.

    Anyways, problem solved, time to slap some paint on him. Updates to follow tonight.

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    I managed to get the base coat and a few washes done on this guy tonight. The scales take a lot longer to paint than I thought they would. Tomorrow I hope to finish them and then move on to the actual skin parts. Yes, he is very blue but I plan on highlighting up to a light blue/gray.

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    Blue and skin are done now. I will try and finish him tonight actually. Should be able to pull it off, not much left.

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    Got some update finally. The troll is now finished and I am well on the way with the dwarf. Should have them done tomorrow then start on the base.

    I am still having issues with adjusting the light balance on the photos for it to either not look too milky or too dark.

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    Very nice start man. Cant wait to see it finished.

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    The Slayer is looking top notch, but the Troll is a below average sculpt so you\'re doing well to make it look decent. There\'s only so much you can do with a shitty sculpt.

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    Figured I\'d get another WIP shot while I am waiting for the water to dry on the base. After which I will do final touch ups and then final pics.

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    Liking the progress...I\'ve seen in-between pics other than within this Thread...thanks for sharing and asking for an opinion, or few, from me. Looking forward towards the finish. :flip:

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