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Thread: Space Marine WIP Part 2.

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    Whats with the overspray on the second pad?

    I love the effect, very, very good!


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    im not sure if other people will agree with this and most people will probably kill me for saying this but im not liking it that much :cool:

    dont get me wrong what you have done is amazing the weathering techniques are brilliant and it all looks really amazingly painted but i just dont like it. Im not sure whether its the colour but im not too keen on it.

    still cant wait to see it finished


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    The second go with the salt doesn\'t really seem worth it I like the idea of that two part stuff you are using though where can it be purchased?

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    Wow that ceramic look is very convincing! Never would\'ve thought of using crackle glaze on minis :)

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    Crackle Glaze.... damn jus remembered I bought some of that many many years ago to give a try. My ex wife used to use the bloody stuff on various bits of furniture to get the \"look\"

    Brilliant stuff.

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    Another amazing technique. The ceramic look, gives and excellent result.

    I would however give the rim of the shoulder pad a different colour Antique Gold. I think once you put it all together the blue will be a bit to much.

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    Whether I\'m just tired after a long day\'s work or just odd, I have to say that looking at those shoulder pads and sucking in the work you\'ve done actually made me grin with excitement for the end result.

    Quite obviously I don\'t get out enough (and, as I type this on a Friday night, I reckon that\'s true), but this is shaping up to be an absolutely phenomenal piece of work - I can\'t wait to try out some crackle glaze now!

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    This WIP is pure suicide prevention - a clear definite reason to continue living. lol

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    Brilliant stuff so far!

    My question is this, doesnt the crackle medium peel off easy? It feels like it should... one thing is for sure, i gotta get my hands on some haha!

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    Originally posted by Crayfish
    Brilliant stuff so far!

    My question is this, doesnt the crackle medium peel off easy? It feels like it should... one thing is for sure, i gotta get my hands on some haha!
    I\'m sure if you sealed it with another clear coat it would be fine.

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    I will be sitting on pins and needles waiting for the finished product!

    I still need to kick your butt though for picking on my Tyranids. =) heh heh

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    I got some of the Vallejo crackle medium ages ago
    Never found anything to use it on

    Might have to try harder to find an excuse now

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    The shoulderplates are coming along really well - The crackle medium works great! -I´m a bit curious about the shoulderplate with the skull, and the fact that you´ve airbrushed the white color onto the blue plate, but I´m guessing that you´ve decided to do the plate in another colour?

    I´ve also looked through your WIP on the sculpting job, and would like to know what kind of putty you´re using (didn´t want to resurrect the old thread)?

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    I think that looks really cool!
    I like it that you are using all that extreme techniques.
    Keep up the awesome work.


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    Incredible craftsmanship. Incredible.

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    Ye Gods!

    There I was lurking along nicely as I usually do and I came across this thread.

    Absolutely love the work you are doing man, its stunning. I\'ll be following this one very closely.

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    Really like the look on the first shoulder pad, it looks great but the second pad doesnt look as good in my opinion. Not sure why but something just isn\'t agreeing with me.

    Still i cant wait for it to be finished.

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    I\'ve been following this thread for a while now. I can\'t think of any words to describe how incredible this is...

    Your weathering techniques are stunning, and that crackle glaze is brilliant.

    Well done and please keep posting! :)


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    After a much needed weekend away I thought it time to get back to it with a small update.:)

    I decided the helmet would benefit from the same treatment of the other white areas of the power armour.

    As before, the helmet has been given a base coat of red oxide and a salt mask applied. The helmet is then sprayed a couple of times with VMA 001 White.

    Salt mask is washed away leaving areas of underlying base coat visible.

    Helmet is the once again lightly misted with VMA 001 White to eliminate the harshness of the base colour. As you can see this now gives the white a less uniform, more distressed appearance.

    Once more craqueleur is applied in it’s two stages. Burnt Umber oil paint is then rubbed into the surface and then removed with a soft cloth, giving the helmet a look of ancient ceramic.

    Time to stop making this marine look like an old tea set and get on with some honest metallics...:D

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