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Thread: Space Marine WIP Part 2.

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    First this is one of the most amazing paints jobs I have ever seen, miniature or otherwise. The amount of detail that you put into it leaves me breathless.

    The only minor detail that seems to jump out at me is the light look of the face, when viewed in the final distance pics it seems to be somewhat flat and it\'s very hard to see the eye detail. That could be because I\'m used to seeing small scale miniatures with overly dramatic lighting. It may be absolutely perfect when viewing it first hand, but in the distance pic it looks a bit light/flat. Given my lack of such amazing paint skills I feel embarassed even trying to give constructive feedback as I could never paint anything remotely close to this caliber.

    I gave a 10 because there\'s no option for 100!

    Also I\'ve been looking into salt chipping on a few websites, many of them skip the hairspray and just use a slight mist of water to get the salt to adhere. I know in the winter I get clumps of road salt all over my car and it\'s been stuck on with nothing more than water. While I haven\'t tried it firsthand (yet) I think it\'d be a good way to experiment with the salt mask that wouldn\'t risk pulling off underlying layers, and water will break the bond without any rubbing or pressure being used.

    (from the pics in the tutorials it looks to stick/work perfectly well)

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    Good rez!

    Very enjoyable going through this thread again. An ageless walkthrough.
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