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    Well, let\'s see. I started out with having to take the Carnosaur apart from the owner\'s original assembly, so that I could pin it properly, and do some Green Stuff filling of the joins, which weren\'t quite perfect. And still aren\'t, really. I did the best I could.

    Priming was Armory Black, and despite uncertain conditions, went on nice and smooth for me, which I\'ll count as a bonus.

    The primary flesh colour is Scar Red (all colours are VGC), built up in highlights using Fire Orange.
    For the chitin and back, I used a mix of Dark Green and Black, about 1:1, and build it up with Scurf Green for a few layers, then interrupted with Green Ink, then went on for a final (and very delicate) highlight of Scurf Green.

    Unfortunately, I messed up my lights and forgot to adjust my camera settings for the picture, so for now, it looks pretty blah. I\'ll try to do a better picture for the next stage, which is going to be the underbelly.

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    not looking too bad so far
    I\'d have used a red primer myself

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    Not bad, nice to see a WIP thread from you BP. Looking forward to seeing this develop.

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    I\'ll be following this closely as Im getting ready to start working on this model as well, good start so far

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    I\'m thinking that a shading/wash on the red with a tiny bit of the green you used on the scales in it, followed by another highlight or two, might help increase the contrast on the skin. At the moment it\'s really hard to see the highlights.

    Did that make any sense at all? ???

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    Originally posted by Amazon warrior
    I\'m thinking that a shading/wash on the red with a tiny bit of the green you used on the scales in it, followed by another highlight or two, might help increase the contrast on the skin. At the moment it\'s really hard to see the highlights.

    Did that make any sense at all? ???

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    nice to see your WIP, I was not a huge fan of the colors but I cant wait to see what you end up doing with it

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    @Bigdennis52: I know the colours sound sort of Christmassy on paper, and my photo is kind of lacking contrast... Wait for the next pics, though. It really does look better than it sounds. When I remember to adjust all my settings and everything, I really hope everything will show up properly, so you all can see it how I do.

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    Due to a really really horrendous bunch of hours at work, I didn\'t get any work done on this guy for over a week. But I finally managed to sit myself down to it, today, and get more painting done.

    I added one more highlight to the chitin, in the hope that it would show up better in the photographs, and that (thankfully) seems to have worked.

    I also remembered to change my camera settings for better results before taking the pictures.

    Note that I say \'better\', and not \'awesome\'. I\'m still not that good with a camera, but at least my finger isn\'t in the way, right?

    Added on for this round of pictures is the under-belly, and after the pictures were taken, I did the metals on the armour plates around mouth and tail. You\'ll have to wait for the next round of pictures to see that, though, because the batteries died. I\'m getting lousy short battery life from this camera.

    EDIT: Hmmm. I just noticed that you can\'t see what I did for the underbelly in these pictures. *sigh* One of these days, I\'ll get it right.

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    Nice to see a WiP from you here in the Forum BP. Looking good thus far. Relax about your Camera; I\'m still working on taking quality shots too. :]

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    It\'s taken longer than I expected to get this far, but I\'m happy with these pictures, at least. The metallics look a little too bright in the pictures, so I adjusted the light setting a bit too far, I guess. One of these days, I\'ll get it completely right, and on that day, I\'ll throw a party or something.

    This time, happily, you can see the underbelly, and I\'m still trying to get a close-up of the head/face to look right, because I\'m very pleased with that and want to show it off. Soon, I hope.

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    I am still not a fan of the color scheme, the green doesnt go well for me but I like what you are doing so far

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    I think a lot of the problems with your pictures are due to light balance. They have a very yellow cast which is affecting the paint job too. Maybe try a non-white, neutral background (e.g., light grey or blue) and see if there\'s an option on your camera to adjust the balance either manually or to a setting that matches the bulbs you\'re using. It\'s funny how you never realise how \'yellow\' most lamps are until you take pictures with them or compare them to a better, day-light balanced lamp! Or at least, that\'s what I found, anyway. It always shocks me when I switch on my daylight lamp! :o

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    Well, I haven\'t got any new pictures at the moment, of my work, but I do have an image that I\'m using as a basis for Lord Kroq\'s colours.

    I\'ve done quite a bit on him, actually, but none of the pictures have turned out presentable, yet. But take heart! I\'ve signed up for a photography class, and may actually improve. :)

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    So, he\'s been completed and turned over to his rightful owner, who was very pleased with the final result, which is all I actually care about.

    But, since people have expressed interest in the work here, I\'ve posted the piece for voting, and everything, here:


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