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    Default p3 putty?

    i\'m curious in trying this out, but i have no experience with it whatsoever. can anyone give me insights/reviews/criticisms with this product? before i take the plunge and by it :D

    thanks, and God bless guys.

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    Hi, welcome to CMON.

    Originally posted by lunarpetals
    i\'m curious in trying this out...
    What\'s the blurb say, anything particular about it that makes you want to try it over one of the standards?


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    i dunno... the color maybe? but there\'s procreate if i wan\'t to go for \"gray\" stuff.

    maybe it\'s the abundance, since it\'s the only one i can get at the moment :s

    oh man, the dilemma of a newb :(...

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    Is this P3 putty as in stuff done by Privateer Press or is it the P3 stuff you get in the likes of Hafords in the UK for repairing car bodywork?

    If it is the later then stay away from it, it is spreadable rather than moldable and it is also water absobant even when dry.

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    sorry, forgot to stress that part. Privateer press putty :)

    any insights :)?

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    p3 putty is just brown stuff.... and its all made by the same company. buy it direct from the source like i do greenstuff and you get a whole bunch more for a much cheaper price.

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    well that changes everything :)

    thanks, guys! will take all comments to consideration!

    God bless!

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    Okay, since it\'s Kneadatite brown, what do you want the putty for? Filling? Certain kinds of sculpting or extensive work?

    Have a look at the thread a little down the first page titled green stuff problems, there\'s a bit more info that might help there.


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    i was hoping to learn sculpting armor and weapons and was told that brown stuff is more appropriate due to the fact that it\'s harder and can be filed :D

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    Yep, that sounds about right - lots of people use it for that kind of thing.


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