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Thread: If You Had to Lose Most of Your Minis...

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    Default If You Had to Lose Most of Your Minis...

    Right. Let\'s say you had to get rid of most of your miniatures. The reason could be anything but it really isn\'t the point of this (girlfriend/wife says they must go, need money for surgery/litigation, crazed loon has gun to your head, fiery hurricane of inky black doom, etc -- just use your imagination).

    Which miniatures in your collection would be the absolute last to go?

    Surely he speaks heresy (and not the Forum of Doom one)! After all, when all the unpainted minis are gone, we, as painters must curl up and die. But I\'m curious.

    From my collection, the last to go would be my Citadel TSR ADD series figures, painted and unpainted, since I spent so much effort & money collecting those from eBay. Coupled with those would probably my Otherworld figures, and then the painted figures for my various D&D characters.

    I was surprised to realize that my Tyranid army falls on the list a distant third place (or fourth, depending on how you count).

    So what\'s it for you guys?


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    My dragons would be the last to go. Definitely. I have a lot of dragons. Only one that I\'ve ever painted (for myself), and only one other started but not finished.

    They\'re big. They\'re for my retirement, I think. When I\'ll have lots and lots of time.

    Next to last would be Arlith. I\'m just not ready to paint her, yet, but when I am, she\'s going to be there, waiting.

    Third last would be the ones I use for playing Warmachine, collectively.

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    the first mini i ever painted. an orc warrior from the 5th edition warhammer boxed set.

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    The stuff that I have that other people painted.

    Peace and love...

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    The Ilyad stuff, for sure.

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    Ilyad\'s turg the axe big ass minotaur that I couldn\'t find anywhere for love nor money...

    allan c\'s daemoness from JMD (first one) again a difficult one to replace and something I will be using at some point as a technique pusher for me.

    other than that not a lot \'m entirely mercenary and find it best not to let myself get attatched...

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    I would never let this guy go. My parents bought it for me last year for my 15th birthday.

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    My Alpha Forge and my Zombie minis.

    The rest I could let go.

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    The Farseer I brought to my first GD and of course my Raven Guard as they are the first army I\'ve ever actualy completed!

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    I\'m usually really attached while I\'m working on them, but when they\'re finished, they\'re either eye-candy, shelf space eaters, or disappointments.
    Other than the few that I searched and searched for,

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    Oh, don\'t make me choose! I hope it never comes to this.

    It would have to be this guy:

    Probably my all-time favorite sculpt, and he won 40k Single at Games Day last year. My biggest award, despite some stiff competition, and on top of it all the long-OOP mini was a gift from a friend. Pretty hard to beat all that.

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    I\'d lose \'em all in a flash (pun intended)! Theyse all evil I tells ya!

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    Good question.

    I would say my painted and unpainted collection of Rogue Trader stuff would be the most important miniatures to me. They took a lot of time to track down. I\'m actually trying to move out of state right now, so I\'ve been giving some of my painted stuff away to friends, but the RT stuff just won\'t go. Also, I\'ve been collecting Rackham Dwarf stuff (Mid-Nor and Tir-Na-Bor) for a bit now, I just haven\'t gotten the nerve to paint any of it. I\'d keep that stuff, too. Limited edition stuff is also obvious, but I don\'t have too much of that.

    If there were a gun to my head and I could only keep one, it would be this guy. You may have seen my post about it, but if not, he won me my first award recently, and I\'m glad he was the one to do it.

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    You know, just looking over the desk, and there\'s not a single one I couldn\'t truly part with.

    Guess that means I should actually paint one and then I might get attached to it more. But then, I\'ve got several painted, but not really heart strung by them.


    Now that die-cast NCC-1701-D sitting in the box behind the desk? I\'d commit several serious criminal violations to keep that one. And it is just a cheap toy, out of the box, with little collectible value.

    Double weird.

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    Hmmm there aren\'t that many that I honestly wouldn\'t part with.

    First would probably be my 54mm Andrea Polish Hussar. I have been saving that guy for when I feel confident enough to paint him.

    Then probably all the Rackham stuff I picked up in Switzerland a few years back.

    Other than that there honestly isn\'t much else I would mind parting with.

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    The painted and unpainted ones I got as gifts and the ones I had done as commissions. Those mean a lot. Just before those went it would be my various WIPs. Before that would be my Hasslefree minis.

    I actually HAD to give up half my minis in the divorce and it wasn\'t pleasant. we actually sat down and said \"which of these two do you want?\" In pairs with every mini we had. I realized then that I\'m not really attached to the old OOP stuff. I like the newer sculpts a lot better.

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    My Confrontation stuff, its the biggest most expensive part of my collection and the game I play the most / minis I paint the most.

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    The vostroyan standard bearer, because i git my first gd finalist pin for him :)

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    You swine! pick a mini?!?

    I genuinely don\'t think I could.

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    If I put aside my business stock as it\'s not really my personal stuff....

    ... then my Cadian Commissar. Not the best thing I\'ve ever painted but probably my favourite.

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