Who would trade for a new bottle of Vallejo?
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Thread: Who would trade for a new bottle of Vallejo?

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    Default Who would trade for a new bottle of Vallejo?

    I only just realized today that I have two Vallejo Deep Sky Blues.. Althought Blue IS my favorite, I do not need two.. So would anyone trade me for a new bottle of different color or a new mini about the same price? I\' \'preciate it...

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    Hi Chrispy,

    What colour or what mini are you looking for for trade?


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    Flat Brown or a yellow would be good. I probably couldn\'t list all the one si do Have, neither could I list the ones I do not.. Any mini would be okay from Reaper. GW but I know Rackham and some other people\'s stuff is worth waaaay more than one vallejo.. I\'ve wanted to try some reaper things, so I\'m leaing towards that right now...but it doesn\'t matter, so long as it\'s fair and equal..

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    Default trade

    Well, I dun have any of the samller Reaper stuff, I just have the large monsters, but I have an extra I-kore Moloch Fomorian Beastman or a Celtos Eryssa Long Sight (Archer) if you are interested.

    Let me know

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