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    I am hpoing to post some group shots of all three kroxigors.. right now I have a multiview of the green Krox.

    These were entered last year at the Chicago GD... made 2nd cut, I think.

    More pics to come:cool:


    and multiview:


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    well done on the 2nd cut

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    Nicely done, i love it all, color, nmm, and especially the base.

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    Great job on terrible figures.
    Paradoxically I\'ve painted the same three but admit I\'m looking forward to painting the new ones.

    Bases brilliant as per usual.

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    Yeah, not big fan of the sculpt. The painting is well done as usual though! :)

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    Not too be too much of a Fanboy, but you really are one of my favorite painters. Thank you for sharing your work on here!

    Great stuff. :D

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