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    Default Ral Partha\'s Velana WiP

    After plenty of browsing in this area of the CMoN Forums, I\'ll finally bite and participate myself. :) So here goes:

    Anyway, this is 01-706 Velana; she comes with a pet Cave Hyena (which I\'ll work on later), is 1 of the 10 Personality Beast Masters, from which I have 9 out of 10 (just missing 01-707 Talleah/Cheetah). All 10 Blisters were done by the legendary Dennis Mize (God bless you Dude) :innocent:

    So far she\'s turning out quite well, yet I still have plenty to do. Comments welcome. :cool:

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    Looking nice and clean thus far. Can\'t wait to see some more progress on this one.

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    You\'re getting someplace, Spiff, I like the eyes a lot! You need to work on the brown clothing and her hair, though. It needs a lot more highlighting, at the very least--right now it\'s pretty flat looking. The skin is more or less acceptable, but her face begs for some more definition. You\'ve clearly got excellent brush control, so this stuff should be well within your abilities. Of course you DID say that there\'s a lot more to do, so I\'m probably telling you things you already know...oh well. Never hurts, right? Keep the pics coming!


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    i would suggest that you try dark lining rather than black lining, some of the black lines are too extreme and sudden. this looks great on the eyes though, like she has slutty eyeliner on!!

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    What freak said. The black looks very stark. Good start tho, I love the ol\' Ral Parthas so I shall be watching this with interest (and maybe actually getting paint on some of my own!) :)

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    Well, it\'s been a few days since I\'ve updated this Thread, since I recently started using a Wet Pallette, so I\'m adapting. :)

    I find the wet pallette easier to use, after knowing how much paint to put on the brush (still need to get use to that); I was using the plastic multi-concave pallette plates (now being used for washes). I felt the former pallette was more of a pain, seeming that the paint particles were settling less frequently in the Wet Pallette (so less stirring), and seeing the advantage of producing several more tones within a Triad.

    The boots & clothing were done from the former pallette, and the Flesh done from the the new Wet Pallette.

    Sorry for the wait folks. More pics will come soon. :cool: Spiff

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    She is starting to come together very well. I would suggest bringing the skin up a bit more just so it stands out a bit better. Other than that as I said before, she\'s coming along very well, nice and clean. Good job so far.

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