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    here is my first attempet at weathered bronze, what do you think, any advice on what i could change always welcome,

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    That\'s great! I\'ve tried a similar effect with bronze and copper armour but somehow yours looks better.

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    well aside from the crappy pic, id say it looks really good. Id say it looks more like aging copper but Im just knitpicking.

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    That looks pretty good! Not just for a first attempt too. Some staining on the stone plinth would be likely but since this is painted in a fairly clean style overall you may want to deliberately skip that.

    To develop the handling I\'d recommend hunting around for photos of patinated bronze and copper - nothing like seeing some of the finer details to get a more realistic effect.


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    That\'s nice! Next time, you could try adding variations in the verdigris tone, i.e., make some areas a lighter green or more bluey. Einion\'s suggestion of looking at some reference pictures should demonstrate the variation I\'m referring to. In fairness, you might have done this already but the photo is hard to read, especially with the bright blue background. I often use a very pale blue t-shirt for backdrops, it works quite well.

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    thanks guys, will have to take my camare out and about and check web for pics, great idea, :)

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    Looks great! Would you mind posting your recipie? Thanks.


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    From what i can see it does look a little more like copper. One thing i do when doing bronze, (using metallic paints, i use GW) is the very end it highlighted with shining gold, but very little. Bronze tends to have an almost golden appearance to it. Also i agree about the varying degrees of verdigris. I use Scaly green, hawk turquoise, dark flesh, and random mixes of paints to give it different colours in different places.

    Hope this helps, Gary.

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    I like what you have done and you appear to have avoided the most common mistake of overdoing it to the point where the verdigris takes over. Nice metal colour too ... dark and aged but not flat.

    Metallic weathering, especially verdigris really lends itself to using the technique of mixing shaved pastels up with medium and applying it once you have finished the verdigris with paint.
    Although it can be hard to tell on camera it gives it that random textures look that true verdigris has. Plus if you don\'t like it you can keep working the pastel flat so you can no longer see it... otherwise I leave a small amount of grit still in my mix.
    Once again, same or similar colours to your paint part of the work and a white used sparigly in extremely weathered places can look good.

    Weathering like what you have done is so much fun to do and more people should have the confidence to give it a try. So long as you know where to place the paint in terms of where water collects etc. you can\'t really go wrong.

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