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    im working on some vampire counts as a comission and will be posting WIPs of them as i work on them. painting them just to a basic gaming standard. hopefully you like them tho :D lol

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    here\'s the zombie dragon after a few hours of work.

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    that\'s looking good,
    I\'ve gotta do one myself at some point, for my mate

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    Looking good keep up the good work. :drunk:

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    quik update on the VC stuff. the zombie dragon has not been finished yet altho i expect to have it done (possibly with pictures) by tommorow night. for now heres some skeleton horses.

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    I don\'t know if it\'s the pictures or what, but I dig the colors for both the base flesh on the Zombie Dragon and the skeletons. What are you using for paint etc. on them? I\'d love to try it out.

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    skellies is just a dry brush of bleached bone over black nothing fancy. the dragon is a base coat of rotting flesh with a home made wash of goblin green mixed with a little bit of scab red.

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    Looking great, cant wait to see more. VCs are on my mind for after I tie up my Nurgle crew.. would like to see more. What\'s to come?

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