Do you still paint, just for the pleasure?
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Thread: Do you still paint, just for the pleasure?

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    Default Do you still paint, just for the pleasure?

    I know that there have been a lot of threads opened about how we paint for competition level or to achieve stunning NMM , Real Metallics, OSL, commissions or just to show off.
    BUT does anyone just pick up a mini for an afternoons “Blast Painting”?
    And by that I mean any mini, no matter what the sculpt is or how out of proportion the figure might be or who the manufacturer is.
    Any mini, just to go back and do a mini quickly and for nothing more than pure relaxation and enjoyment.

    I did yesterday.
    I spent 3 hours, which for me is incredibly fast painting, on a Black Scorpion Girl Cop. (see below)
    And being perfectly honest it was wonderful, a simple figure, done relatively simply, no NMM, just a touch of metallic here & there. A complete break from Ultra High Quality Competition or Commission work.

    So my question stands: Do you still paint just for the pleasure?

    This is the figure but not my version by the way.

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    yeah. thats all i do. but i get bored too quick so it annoys me that i don\'t finish anything. it makes it all the sweeter when i do though!

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    The last three I finished were mostly done for the fun of it, although I did still try out new things with them. I\'m not going to bother putting them in my gallery, but I like them and it means that there are three fewer unpainted minis on my shelves. Which has got to be a good thing! :D

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    I\'m enjoying painting but unable to spend much time doing it due to shifts and repsonsibilities, but when I do do it I always find it\'s for fun as I\'m not painting for anyone other than me.

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    I always try to take a break from competative or commission painting, by painting something quickly which I want to paint. I prefer simple figs, like the other day I just sat down and painted an urak hai for a few hours and that really chilled me out, ready for my next project.

    I went from this:

    To this:

    And I had much more fun painting the second one than if I hadnt had a fun session imbetween..


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    nice work there

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    Ty, its my Gd 09 project (which is gonna no doubt get thrashed by adi\'s entry.. :D)


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    Well, I don\'t enter painting contests, so that kind of stress isn\'t a part of me. But I do paint commission pieces... but from the sound of it, I may still be new enough at painting that the question doesn\'t apply to me.

    Whether I\'m painting for commission or for myself... it\'s always just for fun.

    Maybe that makes me weird?

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    I paint for comps which is fun, I paint armies which is fun, but do I paint purely for fun? Yes. Yes I do. I paint orks for fun.

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    I only paint for pleasure. The paint off challenge I had with \'The Radommeister\' damn near killed me. I\'ve always been shocking with deadlines, organisation, planning etc.

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    Originally posted by Logan
    I only paint for pleasure. The paint off challenge I had with \'The Radommeister\' damn near killed me. I\'ve always been shocking with deadlines, organisation, planning etc.
    You did okay there!

    I enjoy what I am doing for sure, but it seems EVERY model I paint is for some comtest or another. I\'m not entering to win, so I don\'t have that kind of pressure placed on myself, but I am really trying to learn on every model. I enjoy it, but I really am looking to take a break soon and just knock some stuff out. Not worrying about advancing my knowledge or ablilities and just pick a piece up and see what happens. I look forward to that and I think I\'ll give it a shot in a couple of weeks.

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    Yep inever paint for competitions or anything else everything is purely for my pleasure. I wouldn\'t say i pick one up and just blast away painting it not caring how it turns out. I always try to paint the best I can, but it\'s always just for me.

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    I paint only for the enjoyment of it. I have got bogged down into the whole scores thing in the past (quite recent actually) but it never takes me long to get back into the painting just because I like it mood again. My last mini for instance was a blast I don\'t care if it has technical flaws on it I just loved the mini and the painting of it all th way through and actually got it done very quickly for me.

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    Originally posted by Dragonsreach
    I know that there have been a lot of threads opened about how we paint for competition level or to achieve stunning NMM , Real Metallics, OSL, commissions or just to show off.
    I disagree with this opposition of yours. I do all the above (except NMM that I don\'t particularly like) for pleasure. I wish I can do it in 3 hours like you, but, I suppose, I don\'t posses the required level of self-confidence to paint that fast. Then on the other hand, half my \"competition\" entries are usually \"off the shelf\" minies that I entered because I had them. It is a bit difficult for me to paint completely random minies because I don\'t have them. In the last several year I am trying (not very successfully) not to buy new minies until I still have unpainted minies left

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    I enjoy the painting and wish I had more time often, but I can not say I just paint for fun or I would be untruthful.

    I paint to learn so I have expectations and hopes each time I pick up a mini for something better than the last I do however most often find it relaxing to paint.

    I look at my scores but find them to be fickle and do not depend on them for pleasure I look at my rank a bit more seriously because of the cumulative effect seems balanced but I am still not very concerned with it.

    In my past life the dm needed gaming minis so I opened up a separate account and painted just for mass production. I would get experience points for my scores I had fun and slapped paint.

    Airhead caught that it was me and I had a giggle that it was so obvious but I have not done that in a few years now and have a hard time wasting what little time I have to learn and improve skills with out feeling guilty.

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    I painted Jen the Mystic for enjoyment. Doing a boat load of commission work gets annoying because of the lack of control but taking a break to paint something for the hell of it, to any quality, with whatever colors one can think of, is a nice change of pace and always pleasant. Plus I paint for fun when I am trying to enter golden demon competitions. I paint better with that type of motivation.

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    I\'ve completely stopped commissions, I just don\'t have the time to paint other people minis if I can\'t paint my own because of it.
    I\'m back in school, going after my Associates degree in Graphic Design (something I\'ve always enjoyed), so time and energy are limited, plus I\'m starting to get busy working, and when I do have time to relax, I work on projects that have been sitting on my desk for more than a year now.
    I\'ve JUST recently been able to begin work on a converted Jetbike that I started OVER a year ago, and I am finally painting it.
    So ALL my painting now is for fun. Or for myself at least.
    there are some pieces that I want to do better than I have before, and that is *sort of* fun. In the sense that improving yourself for the sake of it, can be *fun*.
    But I have loads of bread-n-butter minis that I\'ll knock out in an afternoon, to relax, and warm-up my \"juices\".
    Nice thread DR!

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    I\'m about due for one of those. I spent the past week finishing a mini for a competition, which was intense work.

    I picked up some pulp sci-fi figures at the convention, they are super clean and well sculpted, and I should be able to bang them out in a night or two.

    After that I\'m gonna try to finish some stuff for the MFCA show, and GD Baltimore.

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    Jepp... Pleasure painting is very important... i guess i do have pleasure as soon as my eye catches colours and my brain realizes that i am going to work with them...

    As i am doing a lot of comission work i really love to take a break with a \"quick\" project for some days or even for some hours... it really helps to free the mind of thoughts about all day thoughts about the other projects...

    Couldn\'t go wihtout it...

    Good to see some of you going that way...

    3 Hours - damm this is very fine work there...

    That InQ-Marine Head rocks already atm... looking forward to see this finished up...

    Harhar... very cool

    Keep on happy painting and may the Paint be with you all...


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    I paint to relax. But I can\'t be relaxed if I don\'t like the end result of the mini. My best standard is making me relaxed.

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