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    Default Miniature cliche\'s

    Yeah, I\'m sure we have talked about this before, but it\'s been a while.

    What cliche\' do you hate most in miniature sculpting?

    Couple of nominees from me...

    The \'pointing\' miniature.
    (wtf are they always pointing at?)

    The \'holding the severed head\' miniature.
    (I get it, you\'re a bad ass, but act like you\'ve been there before)

    Name some, it\'s fun!

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    The overly done \"skull theme\" miniatures
    (Ok supposed to be an \"evil\" miniature got that....but does it NEED 9 million skull themed items on it???)

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    Cloaks or hair wafting around as if the figure was in a hurricane, and if the model has both they waft in different directions.

    Peace and love...

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    Originally posted by Valloa
    The overly done \"skull theme\" miniatures
    (Ok supposed to be an \"evil\" miniature got that....but does it NEED 9 million skull themed items on it???)
    Yes!! Possibly the worst of all cliches!

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    The nekkid warrior girl. Big boobs, big sword, silly pose, little or no armour and clothing.


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    Gigantic swords (and weapons).

    Massive rocky outcrops.

    Bases with one tree placed perfectly to complement the figure (of course this is an artistic aspect, less of a miniature cliche)

    Sixpacks and massive arms on every male figure ever made.

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    the massive weapons cliche kills me

    seriously some of these weapons would be 10 feet long and a foot wide.. yeah go fight with that sword

    If you can fight with that sword .. I guess you would have some massive arms lol

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    Some of the figures that have SO MUCH CRAP on them it\'s hard to figure out what the mini is. More is not always better.

    It would be good to see just some \'average Joe\'s\' as soldiers - male and female.

    Un dynamic poses.

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    The \'I wave my weapons\' miniature
    Whats this all about? Do they try to wave off some nerving flies?

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    That\'s one of the things I love about SJB\'s sculpting style. His minis are not so covered in junk that you don\'t want to paint them :D

    As far as cliches go, it\'s definitely the holding a severed head with the tongue sticking out, and/or standing on a pile of skulls. Where do the skulls come from? Where\'s the rest of the bodies? :P

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    The scary thing is that a figure that hits all those cliches at once is practically a license to print money :(

    The blank canvas approach isn\'t exactly making me a millionaire...

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    I\'m floating on my clothes
    Just don\'t ask how much starch I used !!

    I have seen a couple of vignettes/duel pieces where the floating/flying figure actually works, but most of the time, especially as a single piece, it\'s just silly.

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    Mohawks are becoming a cliche and something I am starting to, if not hate then at least dislike as it seems to be the easy design solution for certain types of miniatures.

    Otherwise, excessive use of skulls and spikes annoy me. Billowing garments, to the extent of being horizontal, annoy me, especially if there is inconsistency with the direction of other things like the hair. While I don\'t have anything against the nekkid female warrior cliche per se, I dislike the abnormal proportions that are often given the poor gals. That combined with huuuge... erm... weapons, make the figures look quite silly.

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    Personally I think the whole Avatars of War range are cliches...Don\'t get me wrong, I think the scultping is fantastic, but to my mind their thought process goes along the lines of \'bung everything in there, and a kitchen sink, and it\'ll make the chap look really tough\'.

    I know they\'re all character models, but they\'re so overkill, it pains me to look at them.

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    Scantly glad girls never did like them, even as a teen.

    Though stick me in a fantasy world and change my sex and I would have to go with the tits out, booty showing approach. Male dominated world it would give the upper hand to the female.

    A pair of boobies bouncing towards any man would get his attention and 9 times out of ten the big ass sword swinging at your head would go unnoticed.

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    Since we\'re on the topic of using skulls to show people you are evil:

    The skulls have turned me of for a while. Them and spikes, partcularly on 40K Chaos.

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    skulls definitely .. seems every bloody model has them.. and even worse are the crappysculpted ones just stuck on a pouch or belt area or any blank space.

    tits for the sake of just putting tits on there.. the bigger the more acceptable... ruins so many good sculpts.

    big weapons I can live with to an extent they are tabletop gaming pieces after all so the weapons do need to be seen clearly from a distance but I bloody hate thick knife or sword blades.

    I am guilty of painting more than my share of all of them though because as Steve says.. They are the buggers that sell.

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    So now we need to find the picture of a large breasted, nearly naked chick, standing on a wind blown rocky outcrop holding a severed head and massive sword/axe, pointing at something with plenty of skulls.

    Shouldn\'t be too hard to find.:beer:

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    Poses that make no sense in any context at all. Sometimes, it\'s like they\'re in a fashion editorial spread involving the latest implements of destruction and \'what to wear to the next risquee war\'.

    I\'d also like to fifth or sixth the skulls thing. Who would make a pile of skulls to stand on? Why would anyone put a bunch on chains and wear them? Or fuse them into their armour in positions that make less sense than their poses?

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